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I recently was looking for car rates in LAX for 1 week. I had several serch engines running the same dates and times I had entered. Hotwire showed me the best rates and said it was using Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, all respectable companies. I saw the best rate hit book this...said it would not tell me who the company I would be using until reservation was finished. I completed credit card info hit book and saw it was Enterprise (Yeah) great Co. well then looked closer at reservation had dates (1 month later and 1 day longer then my original) dates I had entered that all windows had auto populated. I called Enterprise they said I needed to call Hotwire. I did call reached a rep. named BRANDY and she said she was sorry but she had to cancel this reservation and would refund the $241.00 rate I got. I was very upset that she could not just change the dates and times. She said the funds would be immediately refunded and I would receive confirmation as I did get that while we were on phone. As she is rebooking she says those rates are not showing and it will be $25.00 more, so I very angrily said OK book it as I need to complete this. We review dates and times and she said I'll receive email confirmation, immediatley while we are still on the phone I get dates and times and tell her BRANDY the return time in incorrect, it says 7:00AM and I am returning 7:00PM. She say's ok let me change that right now. I ask will I get another confirmation she say's YES might be 10 min. I thought OK thanks...we hang up I wait another conf. shows up same stuff not time change???? I call back and the call person say's well can't change we will need to cancel this to make the change time. I am livid now and demand they change as the rep made the mistake NOT ME. I ask for supervisor one name Mica get's on the phone she asks me to hold to review the call. I hold I hold I hold...20min. later no Mica. I hang up call back and get put on hold one comes back. 4th time calling I get someone who says let me transfer you to Post-reservation they are the only one's who can change. He says the same thing I can cancel and re-book. I tell him NO WAY am I having you take now $241.00 and $266.00 out of my account and make ANOTHER reservation. He puts me on hold 5 min. comes back says well I can make a RETAIL reservation, refund this one to you and OFFER you $50.00HOT dollars for future. I tell him no thank you I will NEVER use you guys again. I ask for a full refund to cancel he sends this conf. to me. We will see if they refund my $500+ dollars back...!!! NEVER EVER USE THEM!! Horrible horrible.


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