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I had the worst experience with hotwire for a car rental with enterprise company. My husband and I had to fly to seattle, and our flight arrived at 10:30pm. We had scheduled for a car reservation for 10:30pm with enterprise, which is at a off site location. We read everything, everything, I mean everything on all the information sent to us by hotwire before we decided to complete the reservation. After we got off our flight, and finished picking up our luggage, it was 10:57pm, we proceeded to the island to wait for a shuttle to take us to the off site location of enterprise. After waiting for 1 hour to midnight, in the mid 50's weather, no shuttle from enterprise ever came. So, we called enterprise, and they told us, the enterprise off site location close at 11pm. Now, it is midnight, and we just found out we cannot pick up our rental car. We called hotwire immediately because in no-where on our reservation did hotwire say that enterprise closed at 11pm. If we had known the off site counter at enterprise closed at 11pm, we would not have chosen this company, and we would not pay for the reservation. Instead, hotwire claims they have no responsibility to tell us enterprise closed at 11pm.

I don't understand why hotwire feels that they have no responsibility to tell us that enterprise closed at 11pm. Instead, hotwire said we should have known ourselves. So, we called back enterprise to see what they can do to help us, and enterprise tells us that enterprise had always told hotwire that their location at seattle international airport closes at 11pm. So, hotwire is lying, and not admitting they are deceiving customers because hotwire don't want to admit they are at fault.

I am posting this here because I want to make sure this never happens to anyone. I mean, imagine if you are a single mom with a young child or baby, and you found out at midnight standing outside of the airport at the shuttle bus island, and just found out that you now have to wait until the next morning, until 4am to pick up the car.

Just to be clear, enterprise did not wrong us, because enterprise always knew they would close at 11pm, and they sent over this information to hotwire, but hotwire never disclosed this information to us.

So, please anyone, if you ever made a car reservation at hotwire, make sure you call hotwire to find out what time the car company pick up location closes before you decide to pay.

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