Hotwire / hotwire overbooked us then left us stranded

Hotwire booked a room at the aloha hotel in arroyo grande, ca. A confirmation email was sent. I personally called hotwire to double confirm the reservation. When I arrived the hotel owner said that hotwire over booked me and there was no room available. I called customer service several times. I was placed on hold 6 times for over an hour each time until the phone just disconnected. Each time I talked to a representative the answer was the same. We can offer you a refund that will take 1 to 2 business days to reflect. We were 5 hours from home and had been sitting in a car now for 11 hours. When I told the representative the immediate danger we were in because we were in a bad part of town, their response was I am sorry for your inconvenience, but did nothing to help get us out of the situation. 50' to the right a girl on some kind of drug, to the left a drug deal happening. Two police cars with lights on searching a homeless man’s belongings. Several suspicious persons turning away anxiously as soon as they saw us in a car. We missed our nonrefundable event due to being on hold with customer service. We were told that we can book our own 2 star hotel and send them the bill. But they already had all the money I had on my card for lodging and would not return it for 1 or 2 business days. So after driving 5 hours then sitting 6 hours we decided for our physical safety we just needed to cancel the trip. So now completely emotionally and physically drained hotwire tells me they are sorry but maybe that is best that we cancel the trip and drive exhausted in the middle of the night another 5 hours home.

Feb 29, 2016

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