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I booked my hotel and had a conformation for a hotel near the phoenix airport with an airport shuttle, with the airport shuttle being the most important feature of the hotel to me, because my car rental did not start till the following morning.  I later received a call from hotwire stating that my hotel was overbooked and that my reservation was cancelled.  I was then presented with two options.  The first was that I could get a refund, or my second option was that I could have hotwire book a new hotel for me.  I chose to have hotwire book a new hotel for me because I was driving to the airport, so I couldn't do it myself,  and still needed a hotel when I got to Phoenix. I explained to the Hotwire customer service agent that I needed a hotel with an airport shuttle because my car rental was not scheduled till the next morning.  She then asked me if the Four Points Sheraton at 6850 E. Williams Rd.  in Mesa would be ok, to which I responded, "As long as they have an Airport shuttle, and can pick me up."  She then indicated that they did, and proceeded to book my room.  I am not familiar at all with Phoenix, and I didn't have any access to the internet while driving, so telling me the address of a hotel has no meaning to me.  My only concern was that the hotel could pick me up at the airport. Much to my surprise, after picking up my luggage and calling the hotel, they informed me that they were located in an entirely different area, and serviced an entirely different airport.  I then called hotwire to have this situation  resolved.  After waiting on the phone for 30-40 minutes while the hotwire representative pleaded unsuccessfully  with the hotel to pick me up, I was told that I needed to catch a taxi to the hotel and back the next morning (a 30 minute drive each way), and that it would  be refunded by hotwire.  I asked why I could not simply be changed to a new hotel, and was given the excuse that it was already the next day, and if my hotel was changed, I would not be able to check in till 3 p.m. the next day. This however did not really make sense, because it was still before midnight in phoenix at the time. I was instructed by hotwire to submit my taxi receipt by email, and I would be refunded in 7-10 days. Instead of being refunded however, hotwire changed their tune and emailed me back saying they would not be able to provide any compensation.

May 11, 2017

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