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We were supposed to be going on our honeymoon today. Our Hotwire itinerary said our JetBlue flight from Atlanta was scheduled to depart at 12:30pm to Boston with a connecting flight from Boston at 6:20pm to Lisbon, Portugal. However, JetBlue actually had that flight leaving at 12:22pm from Atlanta. We got to our gate at 12:14pm. We should have had 2 minutes to make our flight based on the reservation time Hotwire listed on the itinerary (12:30pm), but the gate closed at 12:07pm based on a 12:22pm departure time, as flights close their doors 15 minutes prior to departure and no one is permitted to board after the doors are shut. We have spent the last few hours getting the runaround from several of the customer service reps - they say they have to call the airlines directly (which we have done and just get redirected back to Hotwire) or they give us a false door closing and departure time saying that's what JetBlue reported. We spent $1400 on these flights, they are not owning up to the departure time error, and time is dwindling. Our luggage is also on its way out of the country without us. All we want is for Hotwire to book us another flight to Lisbon and not get charged for this error. Or we'd accept a refund.

May 11, 2017

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