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Hotwire / airline ticket

1 655 Montgomery St Ste 600San Francisco, CA, United States
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First let me clarify that my statements are not meant to be supremacist in any nature, but in order to conduct business effectively free from error; there must be an ability to have clear concise communication with all parties that may be involved in the transaction. In this case it was not, Hotwire has chosen to outsource their business to other countries which forces there consumers to deal with customer service agents who fail to understand or speak English effectively. On December 4, 2015 I called in and spoke with an agent with a very thick accent (which made it extremely difficult to comprehend) about changing my airline ticket(INT #[protected]) to a departure date of 01/07/16 AND I clarified on several different occasions during the conversation . I recall at one point instead of speaking my the date I gave the agent and numerical version of the date to ensure her understanding; but to no avail the agent re-booked my ticket for in error for 01/27/16 versus the 01/07/16 that I communicated several times during this conversation. Once I discovered the error I reach out to Hotwire who after my insistence agreed to listen to the call in question and follow with me within a couple days for resolution. HA ! There so called resolution was to leave me holding the bag and stating they listened to call and confirmed the agent in her recap said the 01/27/16. I then asked Trina in their corporate department, how in God’s Green Earth were you able to without question able to understand what she stated AND MORE IMPORTANTLY what about the portion of the call which confirmed that I told their agent repeatedly the 01/017/16??? Is there no level of accountability??? I then explained to her due to thick accent, communication was already very strained and I thought I had got my point across when I told repeatedly 01/07/16 that everything was fine???? Oh no, this is a moot point and in their opinion; I am the ONLY responsible party as a result I was forced to purchase another ticket for $1266.90 Hotwire thinks they are absolved from any responsibility, but I beg to differ! I would like to request the price of my ticket to be refunded that I was forced to purchase due to their poor business practices and unwillingness to do what fair and equitable.

Jan 11, 2016

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