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D Mar 08, 2017

We booked a room with We feel we were charged by in excess of the hotel's actual price.

When we arrived at the hotel we overheard another customer checking in paying for a room identical to ours. I asked, and learned that that customer paid $169 per night for the same size room we booked. We paid
$538.56 for two nights.

Why were we charged so much more than another customer when we booked our stay through ?
I asked the desk clerk and was told that $169 was the accurate price for that room on the nights that we stayed there.

We would like a refund to cover the difference in actual cost
and what we paid.
Thank you.
Dorothy and Jim Fadiman
dorothy.[protected] reservation made for our stay at
Hampton Inn Phoenix Midtown - Downtown Area
160 W Catalina Dr
Phoenix AZ 85013

Our confirmation number [protected]
Check-in Friday, March 3, 2017 (3 PM)
Check-out Sunday, March 5, 2017 (noon)
Your stay 2 nights, 1 room

Total amount paid $538.56
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Transaction ID: O-2XD064171K707473V
Hello Dorothy Fadiman,
Thanks for your order at HOTELS.COM USA. Money won't leave your account until HOTELS.COM USA processes your order.
Checkout Total
$538.56 USD 1 $538.56 USD
Subtotal $538.56 USD
Total $538.56 USD

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