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1 San Salvador El Salvador Columbia, United States
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In July, I booked a room for the end of August in Manhattan. I inadvertently clicked on the wrong spot, and within 10 seconds I called the customer service number to tell them. The guy-Carlos in El Salvador-said he would cancel but I would get no refund. I said the law said I had so much time, and he said he did not have to abide by the law. I asked for the supervisor, he refused. I asked for a number in the U.S. so I can understand them; he said that was the only call center. They refused to cancel the reservation. I later found out the hotel was full, so they could have booked it. The person was hostile, rude, confrontational, and I had a lot of trouble understanding his accent. When I told him I wanted to talk to someone I could understand, he refused, said here was no one else, and he could take care of everything I needed. He kept saying he would be glad to cancel, but would not give a refund. I asked him if he was going to keep that money. No response.

I called the hotel directly to cancel, and they said that was not the way worked, and they were not accommodating.

I decided to call the bankard and tell them the story, and have it removed from the card. They did. disputed it. In the dispute, they lied about everything--said there was no record of me asking to be refunded. They also said they talked to the hotel directly and the hotel said I stayed there. That was a lie. I sent proof that I was having my carpet professionally cleaned 1000 miles away to the Bankard Co (

The bankard believed and put it back on the card. After 28 years and probably close to $1M in charges (charged 2 cars) over that time, I am cancelling them as well.

I understand that has that kind of a reputation. Not only that, I found out it was even cheaper to go to the hotel directly and not through them. I am telling everyone I know what they did. The are connected with Expedia-which I will also never use.

Final Result:
Never use
Never use Expedia
Never get a PNC credit card

Nov 2, 2016

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