SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / no room available

Ft Walton Beach, United States

I booked a non refundable room and drove 8 hours with a confirmation number for a beach view room. Upon arrival, the hotel informed me no beach view rooms were available. They offered no help and blamed could not (and didn't try), to find another hotel. I gave them comparable hotels and after 45 minuties, they said there were no beach view rooms anywhere. I gave them several to call on. They offered a voucher for 100 dollars off my next booking, not this booking. I called one hotel and got a beach view room at the next hotel they said they called and said no beach view rooms were available. She never called my back and the web site continues to show available rooms for booking. I had to argue for a refund only after I found another hotel through them to book. My family vacation was nearly ruined by overbooking rooms, offering no solutions, and making excuses for their screwups. I just want to sue them so bad. I am not a complainer but this just set me off bad.

Sep 17, 2014

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