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DISAPPOINTMENT: After years using and recommending, I had a horrible experience during my trip to Italy. We used the APP to book a 2 nights hotel (total 220 euros!) and thought the hotel was sorted out. We arrived from a day of driving around 9:30PM to find out the hotel was fuelled booked and they sent us to an apartment in another building. The apartment was nice, however, it didnt have the amenities I was looking for in a hotel. After travelling in europe and staying in airbnbs, we were looking forward to staying in a hotel! The apartment was in an SUPER old and dark building, on the 3 floor (we had huge bads and my 60 year old mother to carry up).
I called customer service asking for assistance and it only got me more frustrated. After explaining, someone from customer service called the hotel and while I was on hold, I got a message from my bank with the hotel charge on my credit card... they got the call and charged my card right away..
After 33 minutes in a call, the representative then transferred me to another dpto. There, they started over again and I could not believe when the new representative said there was NO NOTES in my case, so I had to explain all over again and they would need to call the hotel again..
Terrible customer service and I am still sitting in the apartment on the old building.. if I wanted an apartment I would have stayed with airbnb.
Hotel reservation number: [protected]
Graziela Rodrigues

Sep 14, 2017

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