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Specimen massage snte to many times

To no avail


Dear sirs,

Re : my denied dar al eiman royal's makkah, seven reservations no: [protected]/[protected]/[protected]/[protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

Subject:relocation is now top priority/very necessary

After my numerous unsuccessful phone calls to the hotel during the past weeks i made this personal visit to hotel afternoon .They have once told me on the telephone that they do accept the above reservation because the rate was too low.
The reservation department at the hotel confirmed full denial of all the seven reservations.

They referd me to .

I did telephone and spoke to mr dan who too has failed to get the hotel on line.

I then communicated with brandetta who has assured me that shall communicate with the hotel.

The hotel said that there is no way the hotel is going to honor those reservations, and that i should resolve the matter with
Under the circumstances there is no way should allow this hotel to mistreat guests in this manner and denies /forgoes reservations due to hotel's decision to dislike the rate.
As the hotel is denying and refusing to honor the reservations, is fully responsible to relocate me at a higher graded top prominent brand hotel opposite kaabah, at no extra cost to me, in addition compensating me amicably for the inconvenience created.
Additionally, for the benefit of stabilizing the hotel booking industry should stop such behavior from the hotels, by penalizing such properties, discipline and penalize their staff, and abandon such properties from appearing at all search engines/booking websites.

Thanking you

Best regards

Dr ali al shehabi
Tel [protected]

  • Updated by Dr Ali Al Shehabi, Dec 04, 2016 must act immediately and resolve all the grievances raised in my massage dated 23rd November 2016

Dec 04, 2016

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