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I checked the average credit card website and horizongold card services website appeared which said that I could get a credit card with 500.00 dollars of cash credit for a down payment of 29.00 dollars and .95 cents it did not say at all that I had to buy merchandise with the credit and no cash withdrawals, Im not complaining too much but I first decided to give it a chance because I like to do vending work, but when I tried to make an order the shipping and handling was more than the down payment, and all I make is social security benifits and temp employment I am a disabled veteran and have been taking medicine for over 20 years I cant afford the card if I am paying too much maybe you can lower the shipping and handling and i dont mind paying the monthly fee.

thank you


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  • Pa
      Nov 16, 2009
    horizongold - this is a trick it is relly not a credit card
    United States

    this is a scam it does not tell you before you order it that it is not really a credit card
    I will be cancelling this and get e refund on my funds

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  • La
      Jul 25, 2010
    horizongold - scam
    horizong gold
    4500 W. White Rd.
    United States
    Phone: 765-282-2036

    i was told that it was a credit card i could use any where and then i caome to find out that i spent over 70 dollars on a card i can only use on thier junky website i dont want this i want my money back on my debit card asap

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  • Bo
      Jun 21, 2011

    I do not want this card Put my money back into my checking acct My att will be contacting toy

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  • Da
      Aug 08, 2011

    i went thru a bunch of b.s. with these ###s i never heard of horizon gold until they withdrew 29.95 from my acct.i contacted them after numerous calls they promised my money back instead they withdrew 24.95more out of my disabled and only receive 174.00 monthly right now so thats a lot for me all they did was cancel my membership im having same problems with a couple other sites they actually threatened to come to my house and collect money i never borrowed id be in jail if i was doin these illegal practices anybody honest anymore what the hell this country coming too!!!

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  • Do
      Jan 13, 2017

    it sounds like you have been hacked your computer i do not do my banking online i make my payments by phone i never run my bank account online if i do i use the do not track on my computer also if i shop online i go to the store and by a prepaid debit card and use that online but if i were you i would call or go to your bank and ask them for a new account number tell them your computer was hacked and you have charges on your account you would like to dispute with the name and withdrawl numbers of the items you did not recognize if its a good bank they will sit down with you change your account number and help you put in a dispute which normally you will get your money back no one wants a lawsuit hope this helps some

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