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I purchased the E-Flite FPV Vapor RTF radio-controlled model aircraft (EFLU6600) by Horizon Hobby. The first day I flew it, one of the wheel struts snapped off on landing. I complained to the retailer, ReadyMadeRC, that I believed the carbon fiber from which the struts was made was too fragile, especially considering that the struts are the component subjected to the most stress during use. The retailer responded that the user is responsible for “crash” damage, and a “crash” is defined as any situation where impact is hard enough to damage parts, including hard landings. They also asserted that I should have packed up the aircraft and sent it back without using it if I believed the struts were defective, but how was I supposed to know that without flying the aircraft? As such, they denied any responsibility. How convenient it is for them to have a policy that says (i) you are supposed to find latent defects before using the product (even though the term latent means you can’t see them), and (ii) by definition, any breakage is deemed to be the result of a crash. This policy allows them to avoid liability under any circumstance whatsoever. The retailer indicated that Horizon Hobby took the same position. I communicated with Horizon Hobby to suggest that they redesign this particular aircraft to use wire wheel struts instead of carbon fiber so that they will bend, but not break, under stress, but it looks like I am stuck with a flawed aircraft unless I can figure out a way to install wire struts on it myself. Bottom line is that neither Horizon Hobby nor ReadyMadeRC is a customer-friendly or consumer oriented company. BEWARE, and don’t expect either of them to provide any redress if you have a problem!

Jan 1, 2015
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  • Ri
      12th of Jul, 2017

    Last year I bought a stratocam airplane from them. I have been having trouble with it ever since. It doesn't fly right and when you land it, it completely disassembles itself. So I called them again today. They said there was nothing they could do for me. I will not be buying anything from them again.

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