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Horizon Gold / Dishonest business practices!

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I signed online for this card February 2, 2007, thinking that it was a mastercard or visa. I waited two weeks for the card to arrive. Meanwhile then took the 79.95 from my account immediately. When the card arrived I was stunned to see that it was neither a mastercard nor a visa. You have to log into a site and shop for their products and they say they report this to TransUnion. I sent two emails immediately for they was closed. I told them that I thought they were dishonest and that they had deceived me. The very next day I got three emails from this company and also called and was told they would credit me 34.95 back to my account. I said I would contact my attorney general office, then I was place on hold. Okay, we will credit you 59.95 back. I said, you took 79.95 from me, I want all my money back for I never used any of your services nor did I order any of your junk. Needless to say, 20.00 is still outstanding and it will fight for it. Below is a couple of emails from this company.


We have canceled your account. Cancellation confirmation is 31647. Also, your refund of $59.95 was processed, it should appear back in your account in 24-72 hours.


Dear Denese,

I am sorry that you feel you were "scammed". First and foremost, remember that the Horizon Gold Card was designed to help people re-establish their credit. Is this what you are looking to do? It's difficult and very risky to offer high-end items to a customer base that is rebuilding credit. Plus, large items are expensive to ship.

Credit works the same whether you are using a credit card on a shopping site or to purchase gas. Our card is a true credit card that reports back to a major credit bureau every 30 days.

We do have a partner site we can provide you with that offers a Visa. They do require an employment check as well as a credit check. Is your credit score high enough to support being approved for a Visa right now?

Being very familiar with our advertising, I know that Horizon Card Services does not advertise our Gold Card with a Visa or MasterCard logo. That WOULD be deceitful. We also make ALL Terms and Conditions available to applicants during the application process. I've attached a copy in order for you to review again.

We do require all of our customers wishing to cancel to call our Member Services at toll free 1.800.251.6144.

Thank you,
Member Services

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From: DENESEB69@aol.com
To: feedback@thehorizonoutlet.com
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 4:52 PM
Subject: Feedback

I am very disappointed in this company. I never thought I was getting a card to shop online for the garbage that I see on the site. I really feel scammed by this company and will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau. I never thought that once you took the 79.95 from my account that I was not getting a credit card (visa or mastercard) you have deceived me and I am really upset about this. Your merchandise is trash.




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A  28th of Feb, 2007 by 
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Horizon is very deceitful. I was also under the impression that i was going to receive a credit card if u look u the definition of credit card you would problematically see a visa or master card logo. Not a catalog store that you can only shop with them. I would like to see ev1 sue them for intent to deceit the public into think that they were getting a credit card with a visa or master logo on it. I will look it to this and I'll get back with anyone who might want to join in the suit.
A  7th of Mar, 2007 by 
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thanks for the heads up! However I know for fact that you only get a credit card that is visa or mastercard if it shows the logo, so in that she is correct. I will not be signing up for this tho! I agree that they are deceitful, it says previously that they are upfront in their process but it tried to get me to sign up without me even knowing what it was for!!! Sue the pants off them!
A  9th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I strongly am disappointed in this card and feel very ripped off.
A  10th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Thank goodness I decided to check this company out before I did anything. I got their little card in the mail today! I'm sorry you all have gone through hell with these people. I just had a bad experience with BeautifulSkin.com...long story..enough to say don't even GO there with them either. I had to file complaints with BBB... Good luck getting your money back!
N  10th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Thank you guys so much for expressing your opinion. If it weren't for people like you who speak out and a person like me who was smart enough to Google "Horizon Gold" than I would have never known. Thank You I will not be activating this invitation to a false card. Hope everyone receives there money back.
A  14th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Thanks for the heads up..I did not even notice at first that the picture on the lil postcard did not display a visa/mastercard logo. You just get drawn in by the words credit line $500. Well I am tearing up the lil postcard and taking a picture of my rear end and gluing it to the picture and I am going to mail it back to that address on the postcard. Good luck everyone!
A  16th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Same old story... cheats and liars... I signed up and then got to thinking... I didn't see a logo either so I called and cancelled than called my bank and they had already grabbed the cash so I called them back and reenacted my card...still haven't seen the shopping list cept they said they didn't have computers the only thing I really need... probably want to sell me ocean front arizona land next and I just might be dumb enough to buy,on credit of course...chuck
N  16th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I'm glad I read this. Thanks. I was surprised when I received my card, also. I thought it was something I could use anywhere... I also won't be using this card... I just received it in the mail and have not completely activated it..Do you think they will still try to charge me? I hope not, but if so, at least I know what to expect, and what I will in case of a confrontational conversation.
A  24th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I became very suspicious of the mail piece that I received when I did not see any Mastercard or Visa Logo, this should be a dead give away to anyone.
A  25th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I too received this and went on line to fill this out but I did not see a visa or master card logo, so digged into what it really was and did not get it, so anyone who got this card should call their consumer services office in the phone book in the government pages in the front or call your local attorney general to help get your money back.
A  27th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I also agree on this scam company. It should be noted clearly that this is a card to shop on their web site. Every item they sell is absolute junk. I click on outdoor goods and all i see is umbrellas. Worthless company and products!!
A  27th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I got the same offer in the mail today. Went to their website to check it out. I did not really pay attention to the card to notice if it had a logo of Visa or Mastercard on it. I started feeling a little iffy about the whole thing when i click on a few things to see more information and it would not let me scroll up or down. But even then I said maybe its just me, so I filled out my info(address stuff like that). Now its when I got to the next screen when all the red flags started going off for me. They wanted my debit or cc information to get this card. Now I dont know about any of you but i have never heard of another cc company wanting cc information for another cc company. That is when I really looked at the card and notice that it did not have a logo for Visa or Mastercard, and since Their website does not explain what it is they are really doing I decided to google their butts. and I am sooooo glad I did. I am very sorry for those of you that have been taken advantage of by this company, and I hope everyone gets their money back. Someone needs to inform this company that they need to state what it is they are offering credit for and that it is a cc only used for their company. I will be filling a complaint with the BBB and the attorney general's office.
A  28th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Hi everyone,

I thought I was the only one. I am very disappointed as well in this company. But you know what made me really stop and think, I said ok, let me place an order, something small. Well, I went to do that and when I got to the checkout I was informed by the site that I had to pay for my own shipping. I could pay for the merchandise with my card but they charged an astronomical shipping fee. It is outrageous. I too did not realize that it was not a visa or mastercard until I handed it to my husband because we had an emergency and needed cash right away.
A  28th of Mar, 2007 by 
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When I say that I had to pay for my shipping I mean they would not let me charge the shipping to the card. I had to use a VISA OR MASTERCARD to pay for it. BIG SCAMMMM
A  30th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I agree whole heartedly with everyone who has complained about Horizon. My fiance received an off in the mail. And he was surprised. I went as far as to go to the site and I was surprised to see that there was no contact info. (address, phone number etc.). Before I continued I Googled-Horizon Credit Services and seen different site about them. I clicked on one that was titled "Complaints Board-Horizon Gold". I read almost every complaint on the Board and felt the same. The advertisement reads "You are Pre-Approved to receive this unsecured Horizon Gold Credit Card with a starting credit line of $500.00." That in it's self is deceitful. Also anything that was iffy about it was that they wanted you to give them $79.95 right off the bat, most credit cards take it of the card before you get it. I am so glad for this website and all the people who spoke out about Horizon Gold. I hope everyone who has been deceived by them gets justice.
A  31st of Mar, 2007 by 
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I also received info in reference to your complaints, and yes i feel that they are COMPLETELY deceitful in how their going about their business. Yes, i do believe someone needs to get in contact with the proper authorities and put this problem to rest. This company in question is preying on the less fortunate, and for that they should be shut-down!!!
N  31st of Mar, 2007 by 
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I understand everyones frustration and agree with some but disagree with others. One thing that I am quickly learning is that their are different types of credit lines and cards. This card is really no different than a department store credit card in that you can only purchase items from the vendor. Its called a sub-prime loan or card.These type of cards are usually for people with little, no, or bad credit. That is why they don't do a credit check. We as consumers need to read the fine print and use wisdom in these matters. If it doesn't say Visa or Mastercard, Discover or American Express than it is neither of these. It is something else. If it sounds too good to be true than it probably is.
A  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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I got the card to help my credit I am sorry to say. The stuff is really crude, unbelievable the choices they give you.They let a lot of good people down.
A  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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I was also scammed by Horizon Gold, and I was told that there was 1,000's of electronics, computers, and jewelry, there is not! Nothing there is worth over $40.00 and it is all JUNK! I will get my money back or I will sick Alquida on them!!! They are liars and full of SH*T!!!
A  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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When I received this Horizon Gold credit card I was under the assumption that I would receive a credit card to use per my discretion. Instead I get this card that I can only use on selected items. I don't need clothing I needed a valid credit card that I can use. Even when attempting to charge one of the items sold through Horizon Gold Outlet store I had to use a visa or a mastercard in addition to the Horizon charge. This does not make any sense! What good is this credit card when I'll have to use another credit card just to make purchases. I am Disabled and I am trying to improve my credit so that I may secure a more feasible home that would cater to my disability. I cannot afford such a card, I have not made a purchase and do not intend to. I am requesting a refund of my $78. I feel that is only fair. Shame on your company for fooling unsuspecting consumers.

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