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Hoover / Fridge freezer

1 West Yorkshire England Yorkshire, United Kingdom

my mother in law recently purchased a fridge freezer Hoover model. this arrived last friday 2 days later than promised(curries did compensate for the later delivery. however after plugging this in and leaving for the appropriate time, she then went shopping for fridge and freezer items, she wanted to stock up for xmas for the freezer, as she is getting on in age now 82 her son took her shopping all in told she spent just over 200.00 so she wouldnt have to do a shop out of her pension and could leave freezer items then being able to buy presents for her family. to her dismay this stopped working on sat/sunday of this week ruining all the freezer stock. she prompty got in toucj with curries pc world, who i have to say were very good and rang hoover about a replacement, fine got that sorted, but she could not claim anything towards the food from currys who suggested she get in touch with hoover, upon explaing all this to hoover, we were prompty told nothing we can do how do we know she did not put the wrong items in the freezer... surley items to be frozen goes into a freezer, we asked could they not send a food voucher as a gesture of good will to an oap, to recuperate their error for sending faulty goods out which are tried and tested by their qc department. the gentleman said no we cannot do anything about that. how sad is it that a big concern like Hoover, cannot go some way to help what has become a disaster through no fault of ours. i think it is appaling that a big concern cannot help someone out, whereas i am sure if this had been a small businees they are more caring, i will look into this further and see if anything else can be don.

Nov 21, 2016

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