Hoover / engineer to fix my tumble dryer

West Midlands, United Kingdom

I have booked an engineer for this afternoon between 13.00-18.00. When booked we was told we would receive a message in the morning to give a two hour time slot. As we both work full time this would give us time to leave work early. The engineer did text to say he'll be coming between 9.00-11.00! I called the customer services who was going to get the engineer to call me this did not happen. The engineer called my partner to say he was at the house! So I called the customer services again who contacted the engineer who said he couldn't do an afternoon as he wasn't in the area. This was already booked for an afternoon appointment and now no engineer is coming! Because we both work full time losing a day at work is ridiculous when it should of been sorted today as planned. Hoover then put me through to another company called domestic appliance repair who was no help at all and wouldn't do anything. We only recently took our policy out and already experiencing problems. I am really not happy I've got to wait another week for my tumble dryer to be fixed when work hours was sorted for today for the engineer to come this afternoon as planned. The service I have received already is terrible and I'm regretting taking my policy out if this is the service I receive.

Oct 18, 2018

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