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Hoover / Blaze hoover

1 United Kingdom

Possibly the worst customer service and product I've ever come across.

We recently moved into our first home (newly decorated carpets, furnishings etc) and decided to try out the Blaze Hoover.

I read the manual, as I like to know what i'm dealing with, and gave it a go. Over a few weeks I started to notice little patches on my carpet that looked like they'd been glued together. I went to hoover my stairway carpet one day and the hoover burnt right into it...thousands of pounds worth of new carpet damaged.

I got in touch with customer services who arranged to have an engineer out. First time - didn't turn up. Rang up and they said they had it down as another day. 2nd attempt (and another day taken off at work) - didn't show up. Rang to get the same excuse. This happened again until, finally, they managed to get the correct day. The engineer said there was no fault with the hoover and I must have been using the wrong setting. Apparently, when hoovering stair with a attachments, it has to be on a certain setting. This isn't something laid out in the manual. It does not say 'use this setting or it will set fire to your carpet'. It does not mention that one of its many features is Flamethrower. Even so, i had been using the correct settings. I told Hoover this via phone when they said they wouldn't be compensating. They maintained that it is my fault and the fact that their products set fire to carpets is not seen as a fault of their product at all.
Human error apparently.

I don't even have the words. I will be following this up with trading standards

Sep 15, 2016

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