Hooters of Americathe management and staff were very rude and the service was poor and the prices were overly priced and the menu wasnt properly listed and or clear

On febuary 1, 2017 I went to the 2916 e. Flecther ave hooters.. I was treat with not respect and or any reguards to proper customer service. My order was placed incorrectly. I was charged $3.16 twice for dressings for a order of 40 wings. 3 fountain beverages and 2 alcoholic drinks. My total came to $79.81. I feel like I was overly charged,, the drinks werent made to order and the menu failed to state that ranch/blue cheese didnt come with the wings and that I would be charged.79 cents per dressing. Totaling $6.38 being that I aske for 4 of each dresswing. When I asked for my order to be revised and for the dressing to be taking off the bill the manager was very disrespectful inconsiderate and rude!!! I, upon talking to management I was rudely treated nd give a very unpleasant service... The manger didnt attempt to resolve the matter in fact in may suggested that I took my business elsewhere

Feb 04, 2017

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