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I have advertised with Hoobly for many years. Then I got an email asking for all kinds of information about my email information. After a couple of questions for innocuous information they were still asking for more information. When I refused and started asking who they were my ads were deleted. Repeated attempts to reach them to find what I needed to do to be reinstated went unanswered. I finally got another request, this time asking for a "paid" email address and if I wouldn't provide one I would not be reinstated. When I asked what difference it made whether it was paid for or not I got no answer. I did send them an address for a Bellsouth acct that I don't use but I still have not heard back from them and still have not been reinstated. I did however get a notice today from another company I didn't know telling me that if I didn't pay $75 for renewal of my domain name it would be cut off. These are not the people I deal with and they charge no where near what I pay yearly. I can only assume that this is another scam. Meanwhile I sit here with no one answering my emails, and no way of being reinstated. Hoobly must be aware of this. Why are they not doing something to correct it

Nov 27, 2017

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