Honda Financial Services / auto sales

I purchased a vehicle from honda, I had just gotten out of the hospital 'iam handicapped /disabled and have manyserious medical issues 'I was sick and under heavy medication at that time, I was never told basically anything about honda, the dont refinance, salesman rushed so fast /messed up my insurance /eventually got a lapse. Now after 3 years of payments 402.00 they repoed my car plus they have 15, 000 dollars of my money. I begged them to refinance im in the hospital /they didnt care'iam very tired of these crooks /they have no regard for human life. This car should have never been sold to me /I was still high from anestesia plus on heavy medication I wasnt told that I couldnt refinance nothing /numerous times over 3 years I have had 4 operations and still need more. So now they no nohave my car plus 15, 000 no 'iam contacting my state attorney with a complaint form. Abuse of a mentally ill /handicapped /disabled person they took total advantage of me. This sale should be totally nuliified/and I would like a car with lower payments /not now sitting here crying that they got away with this no non no no please anyone be careful of these non caring lying money hungry crooks period

Apr 17, 2016

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