Hometown Buffet / discrimination

Yesterday March 26, I experienced a horrible service from the HTB in Bell. The manager at this location treated a man that had payed for his food horrible. After he had already payed and had his food the employees went ahead and gave him a to go tray because they thought he smelled horrible and his appearance was "offending the trademark" the managers words. Throughout the whole ordeal the man was very calm, quiet, and respectful. All he did was question why he was treated so inhumane. Which they then said customers were complaining and had no other choice but to kick him out. I asked every single customer there and none said they had a problem with him there. The manager then proceeded to call the police, which even the police thought it was ridiculous what the manager was saying. The man was able to stay, but thanks to the horrible treatment, I'm no longer going to this place. The person who attended with me posted a video on what happened last night and best believe this is probably the worst I have seen.

Mar 27, 2017

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