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Homestead Technologies Inc. / Fraud and scam

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I have made NUMEROUS attempted to get this company to call me regarding a service issue I have been getting for weeks now. When I call all I get is the 'run-a-round' saying a supervisor is not available and that one will call me back. Well one finally does (Michael) two days later and simply says 'John this is Michael at Homestead returning your call'. No return phone number to contact him at so I have to call back into support and well, you guessed it, he is not available so I have to leave another message.

I have opened numerous support tickets to which NONE have been properly answered or addressed my concerns. I finally tracked the CEO (Justin Kitch) down and emailed him to which it took over a week to get a reply. He basically gave me the run-a-round to telling me he would have someone call me. Well a week has gone by and no call.

If you're looking for a good web host, it is NOT Homestead! Stay away from these A**holes. They are liars and cheaters.

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  • Ge
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    Like others, I learned of Homestead through billing statement on my credit card. After Greg Aaron mentioned Intuit, my husband said that he had called to cancel after a couple of days as it was too difficult to use and we weren't getting any help through customer support. I am in the process of trying to "unsubscribe" and get a refund on the charges for unwanted website...I'm happy for Northwestchick, who seems to be quite satisfied...but I'm frightened for myself as I was forced to give out credit card number again to a man who put me on hold to look up Intuit headquarters address, among other reasons, and had his children and family in the background...maybe the company allows them to work from home? And how secure is my personal information when I'm told that if he looked up my account by name at least 4000 to 5000 names would come up...I am tooo frustrated to continue without going off on a tangent...wish me luck and I'll pray for all of you to have an honest and just outcome to your problems with Homestead Technologies.

  • La
      4th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    to be honest with you the card being run is when you change any credit information so that when a actual bill goes out you are able to be billed. as for being billed when your account was cancelled. you obviously didnt cancel your account or it would've been cancelled and you would not have been billed. Also the customer that says the bills were backed up because they were sent to the wrong email address... the system automatically send them to the email address on file. you cant set up a account with a homestead email due to not having one when you sign up and those changes would only have been made by your request. there is nothing fraudulent about this company!!! stop [censor]ing and take some blame for yourself

  • Rm
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    can i ask what email address he has? can u provide me with it as i have been charged for an account which i shouldnt have been, i like in the uk cant get hold of them on the phone as the numbers dont work and am going to be charged by the ned of this moneth which i dont want to happen so could you please help me with some sort of contact information thank you.

  • Lu
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Absolutely agree, given my experience with them. Here goes:

    I had a client who worked with Homestead. Their control panel was worthless. As a web designer, I'm used to actually uploading files via plain, good old FTP. They required me to jump through hoops, using their homebrewed website design application in order to upload files, and it was not easy for me to download website files from their servers.

    Second, Homestead is extremely dishonest in its business dealings. My client lacked the foresight, when he decided to go with another web hosting company, to unlock his domain name and obtain the authorization code to transfer his domain. He defaulted on his monthly charge, and subsequently Homestead denied him access to his control panel (as they were well within their rights to do). However, they would not release his domain name which he has much invested in. They claimed to unlock the domain for transferral, and send not one but *three* authorization codes, all of which were rejected by Homestead when used. Not only this, but they blamed the gaining registrar for all of this. It is likely that they mean to run the time off of the domain's registration and then sell the domain at the Domain Name Aftermarket, and earn money on the (illegally) confiscated property of my client.

    They were pricier than many web hosting providers that I know, and especially more than the one I trust. Compared with them, Homestead is horrible.

    Obviously, their customer support is unprofessional, and that is the most delicate way I can describe it. Based on their abysmal treatment of myself and my client, I would advise all people to stay as far away from Homestead as you can.

    I don't know about uptime, as I have had very little personal experience with them as a hosting service provider. But no amount of "uptime" would justify what they have done. My poor client is having to hire an attorney to legally compel them to release his domain name. What a nightmare.

  • Je
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think it's a real shame that some businesses are so unprofessional that they force their clients to jump through so many hoops to get the service that they require.

    I live in Australia and I signed up for their 30-day trial to see what their services provided. I wasn't impressed with the interface and decided after a couple of days to cancel my subscription, as this was not the service for me.

    So I dutifully signed into my account and searched for the "unsubscribe" feature, that it located on every good subscription-based website. What did I find? I have to CALL the company to unsubscribe. This is a hassle for me as I live in Australia, and our time-zones are very different.

    Okay, so fine - I got on the phone this morning to make the call, and when I finally got through the automatic telephone system, I got a recording, "Your estimated wait time is 15 minutes".

    15 MINUTES!? I'm in Australia! 15 minutes on the phone will tally-up to even more than a whole year's worth of subscription!

    Anyway, NOW I have to go and purchase an International Calling Card so I don't pay a million dollars for the call - and maybe if I'm lucky I'll finally get through to someone to unsubscribe!

    So frustrated! BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES!

  • Su
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too have had poor sucess with Homestead. I have both emailed and called for support and if (and when ) I do get a response it's a simple one-liner that gives me the feeling I'm being brushed off. I need to move my business forward and Homestead is not helping me. My contract with them is up in Oct. 2009 and I will be leaving them for this reason. They better not give me any trouble with keeping my domain name when I swtich!
    You snooze, you lose ... as the saying goes !

  • No
      28th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had a Homestead account and have canceled numberous times. I will not be billed for the month i canceled, but following months it will return on my card. I am on hold right now to cancel agian. I haven't used this service in 8 months. DO not use

  • No
      28th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Just talked to a tech Charlie Silver who was not helpful and when I asked to speek to a supervisor, he would not give me a name, said he would transfer me, but only hung up. Reporting this to the BBB.

  • Bi
      14th of Jan, 2010
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    I tried out the Homestead Free web site trial. In the process I was obliged to give my debit card number. I accepted that as I believed their offer of a FREE trial and that therefore no charges would be made. However, before I completed the registering process the Homestead page refused to accept my UK postal code. I closed the page and assumed that since I hadn't completed the form in full that the entire business was closed. How wrong I have been.

    For over six months my card has been debited with amounts that reflect the $/£ exchange rate. I have written to their CEO, without response and lately I have sent all my correspondence to the fraud department at my UK bank. Nothing is happening - my bank tells me that it is happening throughout the internet and they are powerless to stop it. I find that difficult to believe!

    It's like shouting down a dark hole. I am being ripped off and I am appalled that there is nothing the international banking system can do about it. My next step is to close my bank account and open another account in a completely new bank. Until I am advised otherwise I shall consider Homestead Technologies to be nothing other than a scam. Why does Google not stop them? Isn't there some power that would delete their existence?

  • Id
      19th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Their customer suport is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. Personally I am having problems with my mail servers. I opened help tickets" that are pointless. All their techs support are able to do is rehash outdated automated responses/guesses to customer problems. They have 20 year olds in charge of tech support. It is disgraceful.

  • Ta
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Here's one for you. I never even heard of them until charges showed up on my credit card account. Then when I call the phone just rings and rings and then I was on hold for over and hour. I had to google them just to see who they were.

  • Ta
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is more than just a scam that they've got going on. It's stealing

  • Th
      19th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I want to know if anyone else out there was contacted by Homestead and talked into optimizing their website with the promise that they would be on page 1 in a couple of months. We were told that the cost was $399.99 but they conveniently forgot to tell my husband about the $99.99 per month fee. I discovered the charges on my credit card that we hardly ever use ... we have been charged an extra $500! In this economy we would never have done this. And to add insult to injury we are only on page 6 after 6 months. They say that all the conversations are recorded. I have asked to hear the tape recording but now they say that it cannot be played for me because of privacy. Whose privacy! Anyway, has anyone had this happen to them? Help! I'm considering going to the Attorney General's Fraud Division to look into this. Does anyone have the address or email of the President or CEO of Homestead?

  • Sa
      21st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree I have never heard of these people untill I found a $4.99 charge on my card not sure what this is or how they got my card # its creepy almost like they are typing random card numbers into a terminal.

  • Ho
      10th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    scam - scam - scam!!! They billed my credit card even though I canceled the service during the trial period. Hmmmm, wtf?! The office is supposedly in Redwood City, California. It would be a wonderful thing to see a large number of irate people breaking down the office doors and beating the owner into submission... LOL

  • No
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about all the problems everyone is having. I actually use Homestead through Intuit (which is Quickbooks - a very well respected company). I have never had a problem and I absolutely love their website software. I have been able to easily create my website (totally customized), upload files, etc.

    I can give them a pretty positive rating right now, and I've used many control panels and other web hosting and development companies. I like them the best and I've been developing websites for years now.

    Maybe instead of going through homestead directly, try going through Intuit. I don't know if they are the same company, but Intuit has a reputation to protect for their quickbooks product.


  • Ap
      28th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Terrible, terrible truths you guys have written, and I have to agree. I am having the same problem from Singapore, and getting their automated email replies or through the phone seems absolutely futile. Unbelieveable and they keep billing me for something I haven't used and don't want.

  • Ge
      21st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just had to sign in in order to post comment...good luck to all!!

  • Mo
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Homestead Technologies is a really scam company, I am preparing to report this scammers to the authorities. This company should be stop immediately. I am going to file a complain as them. my case started somewhere last month when I guy also called michael called me and was asking me to joint their program for a website building and I explained to him that my website is already running and I don't intent to have additional website for now and he was like, he is gonna call me the next day to explain to me about the benefits of having their services and the next day all what I realized was my credit card was billed for $200 dollars by this criminals. I tried calling but I could not reach anybody to talk to in this their suppose office and then the next day, the same guy called me back and he was like he is gonna look into the case and that is it he never called until this very month of august when I realized that the same company billed my credit card again. now I called my bankers to cancel the credit card and am gonna do my best and make sure that they pay all the money back.
    Everstone Salifu Adams
    Bronx, New York

  • Ca
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Man, I thought I was the only one with The Nightmare From Hell called Homestead. I was so disappointed in Intuit to ruin their good reputation with this abysmal company. I joined the trial in June 2008 and they couldn't even do SEO for my financial consulting company that deals with Start-Up entities. After 3 months, I asked them if they would just rather refund me the money since they can't seem to do SEO for such a unique company. UNIQUE? They said yes we would and promptly refunded the money. In November 2009, i wanted a website guy to do my site over and host it since they would be a lot cheaper than $20+ per month. We spent 6 months trying to get the 3 domains transferred to his hosting site and we ran into every problem mentioned above and they wouldn't talk to anyone but me (the owner of the website) even though I told Homestead to accept my website guy as my ambassador. Finally, my website guy told me to go to H... with this project, he doesn't need the hassle. Therefore I go find another decent website designer and when I said Homestead's involved, he said get the situation resolved with them and he will have the domains transferred to since they are easier to deal with. So that is what we were going to do.

    I come home from an extended trip and find all kinds of angry customers comments that their emails aren't going through. Today I call Homestead and they tell me that I have to pay $40+ for 2 months of late payment which I never got because they put it in your Homestead email box and not email on file. After some heated discussion, they waived the fee and reopened the account so I can access the authorization code and unlock the domain so it can be transferred. But this started when I stopped receiving emails. No phone calls from Homestead to say, your account is past due or anything. They just let the bill ride and grow which you have to pay before transferring the domain(s). I did this once in Dec 09 $120, but I told the supervisor this wasn't going to happen again and this time the codes better work since the last time we went through 3 codes before my website guy quite on me.

    Disgusted in Clarks Summit PA

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