Homemark / defective milex vacuum cleaner

Johannesburg, ZA

I am so disappointed in the Homemark customer care! I requested a refund for a Milex Vacuum Cleaner which I purchased online and is clearly defective and dangerous to use. I have only used it three times, the week it was delivered to see whether it was in working condition and twice after that when it started heating so bad I could not even hold the vacuum. I told the consultant that it is impossible to vacuum with such a product because it burns ones hands and I requested a refund but was told a refund can only be given 7days after purchase. So am I or my husband suppose to shock first before you refund our purchase. We do not want a replacement, but the consultant said you do not do refunds after 7days? I've requested the refund within 30days of purchase because the product started heating up after the 7days only!

Mar 13, 2017

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