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I just read al this complaints about Homefix going out of business and I also encountered the same problem. My windows developed a brown film between the panes and I read by some complainers that was the due to a broken seal--- I thought there was a fungus growing between the panes. I contacted Homefix in NJ and received a message the number had been disconnected. So, I went online and found the name Homefix associated with a company in Maryland. They told me they had nothing to do with the company in NJ. They also told me the manufacturer of the windows had shut down, so they could not repair any of the windows. We would have to replace them at our own cost. They also told me there was a NJ rep servicing the customers in NJ and they gave me the phone number of the rep - I contaced the person, but he never showed up. We basically lost $16, 000.00 for all 12 windows. my windows are about 4 years old. Is there a way for us customers to have some sort of compensation?
Does Homefix corporation really exist and will our plight be addressed?


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      Sep 16, 2015

    We are very sorry to hear that you have had trouble with this window company. It is true that this company is not associated in any way with Homefix Custom Remodeling of Maryland—the name “Homefix” was used by several companies over the years and has led to a great deal of confusion in the region. Please continue trying to contact the rep using the contact information supplied to you when you called Homefix of MD, we have been in contact with NJ as well to make sure they are aware of your situation. We hope you have a speedy and complete resolution to your issue.

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