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Cape Town, South Africa
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I had paid two installments, then after I called in asking for my balance so that I can pay it all. I was told how much I'm owing and I paid. Two month of my payment I got an sms from Homechoice stating that I'm owing them R120 I asked for what because I had called and I was told to pay R1292.55 so were is it coming from that I'm owing they said I paid my first installment late, so why it was not included on that amount I was quoted. when they send me my statement my balance at the time was R1318.95 and the was a difference of R26.40 on what I was quoted to pay. I sent them an email they told me if I want a settlement I must say and my answer was why did I called in to ask for my balance b4 paying it all. now they say I must pay R161. for what [protected]

  • Updated by Ahluma2, Jan 27, 2017

    homechoice sent me an sms after writing this post that I must pay R158.93 to stand a chance to win R1 million

Jan 27, 2017

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