Homechoiceincorrect order, invoice number:[protected]

A lady consultant from Homechoice called (not sure about the date), she was advising me on the sale they had. I told her that I'm not interested but she was so convincing and told me that they are running a competition and that if buy anything on sale my name will be entered on the lucky draw. So I ended up ordering a set of towels, she even advised me that I can return the order if I didn't like it. I told her that the courier guys must arrive before 06:00 in the morning or after 17:00 in the evening cause there is no one at home during the day. On the 29th of October I received a call from the courier guy saying that he is in front of my gate, I then asked him to leave the parcel at my neighbours cause I was still at work. When I went to fetch the parcel from my neighbours, there were 2 boxes and it was a linel & a blanket and 2 set of towels inside the boxes. There was a R8900 invoice inside. On the 1 November I sent an SMS to the return department but there was no response. I then called the customer service on the 3 November and they said I will have to courier the parcels to them and they gave me a reference number [protected]. But I couldn't send the parcels back cause the boxes were too big and I couldn't fit them in my car. So when I was about to call them again, a lady consultant called me and I explained to her that I'm having a problem in sending the boxes back. She then assured me that they will send their courier to come fetch the parcels.
Invoice number: [protected]
Parcel Number: PF4790487

Can this be rectified before the end of the month. Stop ripping people off. This is not acceptable at all.

Nov 21, 2018

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