Homechoicecredit not cleared

Homechoice handed me over to creditwox for not paying the account, last year November creditwox gave me the settlement amount which i paid on the 26 November 2016. The settlement amount was R7552.37. WHICH I paid R7553.00

To my surprise i got a call from another lawyers beginning of April 2017 telling me that they are calling on behalf of homechoice for owing R1700. i told them that i don't owe homechoice i paid up their account last year and they said im owing thus why my account was handed over to them.

when i phone creditwox they always tell me that my account is Paid up. I have requested paid up confirmation letter they keep on telling me that they are waiting for homechoice. i feel that homechoice have failed me because they cant even communicate to creditwox regarding this. they are the one who introduce them to me. now i have to deal with two lawyers even though my account is paid up

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May 11, 2017

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