Homechoicecomplaining about service.

A sales consultant by the name of Ryan called me with promo in May (comforter set including curtains etc plus blanket and free towl). I was hesitant but he was trying hard to close the sale with me and I love the quality of home choice products so i agreed. A week later a parcel was delivered, this was still in May as I remember cause we were still moving offices. I asked him why there was only one parcel and he said that the other parcel was separated and will be delivered soon. He showed me the paperwork that I was signing for delivery, it said parcel 2 of 2 and he said I am only signing for the one parcel. Since the delivery I have called numerous times, I have had numerous calls from home choice consultants regarding payment for the purchase and i tell them all the same thing, why should I pay for something I don't have, and I wont! I tried calling Ryan the sales guy on the number he left [protected] but no answer, I sms return to [protected] but till now no one has called, I called the call centre and spoke to a manager and asked her to have the blanket and towl collected and credit my account but she gave me a long story of return policy. Why should I take the parcel to the post office and pay for the package to be returned and wait for my money to be refunded, does home choice think that I have the time or money? If that was the case wont I go shopping at Malls and not online like I do with home choice? Then i received a call from another consultant querying payment and she said that both parcels were delivered, I asked her REALLY? TO WHO? I keep on getting calls for payment but will someone please have this sorted out so I can make payment, yesterday as well someone called for payment and I repeated my story again, and this time I was told to go to police station and get affidavit etc. I really don't have the time for this nonsense, Firstly the blanket I received is not the color I ordered for, secondly the towl which was supposed to be the free gift looks so cheap it could pass for a kitchen towl, thirdly I have not received my full order so why am I not being assisted?We are no going to enter into August, two months gone and such a big company cannot sort out a problem? I doubt that anyone will even attend to this matter, my email is [protected], my contact number is [protected], my phone is set to block all spam calls, so if it picks your number as spam it will block it, so please whoever is reading this ensure this matter is sorted out immediately as this is now affecting my credit score as well.

Anneline Gounden


Jul 25, 2018

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