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I booked listing #363323 " Jungle & Beach Estate" by KRIS GREVEN & partner SHAW WEN thru website which banner itself as the "world's most trusted vacation rental website". Very far from reality. I paid deposit of the rental - 50% of $3, 050 - the deposit amount I found to be very unfair and unreasonable to renters but then the website doesn't police this as well. About 2 months after making the deposit here comes the advise that the property was taken back by the owners DICKSON GIL and ERICA GIL without regard to renters who paid deposits already. Evil modus operandi.. a) lease the property... b) collect deposits.. c) make it appear there is problem with the lease... e) blame the partner and owners (who for all we know may belong to scam ring as well) and run with the money. Great... just great... I wish there is justice somewhere.

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      Oct 22, 2011


    My husband and I are the actual property owners of the home in question. I was alerted by a vacation renter that there were several nasty posts about us and our home on the web. I looked online I found many posts - all written by the same disgruntled person.

    My husband and I and our home have been the focus of these posts, recorded on various complaint boards by a Ms. Kris Greven AKA Krista Friedman. She has posted these in an attempt to slander us, cause as much damage as possible and to ruin our online reputation for a vacation rental home which we operate. Some of these posts were made by Ms. Greven acting as herself, some were made by Ms. Greven pretending to be various persons posting complaints. All of the allegations made by Ms. Greven are false and have absolutely no merit. She has posted false allegations for the pure purpose of spite and anger. I am reposting this identical rebuttal on each and every untrue complaint I find so as to shed light on the truth about the person who wrote the complaints. It had been my desire to move forward and not to be forced into putting any more energy into this bad situation. But if the poster of these untruths persists, than so must I.

    I wish to respond to the allegations made by Ms. Greven so that persons considering renting our vacation rental property will have a clearer picture of how we became the focus of Ms. Greven’s angry attacks. If you read through these allegations carefully, you will see a glimpse into to person who wrote them; unstable and out for revenge for wrongs that she feels were done to her. Please take note of the time that most of these posts were written; most composed in the middle of the night. It will give you insight into Ms. Greven’s history and the source of much of her wild instability.

    Ms. Greven has a long term history of being implicated in vacation rental fraud. Long before she became involved with us and our property in February of 2011. This can be researched by simply putting her name (s) into Google. I provide this information in hopes that anyone who is considering a vacation rental with us will read this and do some additional research.

    I also will provide my contact information at the end of this rebuttal. We have nothing to hide and would be very happy to personally answer any questions. More importantly, we can and will provide references of guests who stayed with us, many of whom were defrauded by Ms. Greven. We aided them and did what we could to help as many as we could. I cannot describe here the complexity of the situation but here is a brief a summary as I can provide.


    My husband and I decided to lease our Las Vegas home in February on 2011. We ran an add in Craig’s List and were approached by Ms. Greven about running a vacation rental from our home. She stated that she was a property manager for an investor who wanted to lease our home for that purpose. We ended up leasing our home on a 6 month lease with an option to renew. The lease was legally assumed by this investor who’s name I will not give. NO WHERE on ANY document was any reference to Kris Greven as being a partner or party of the lease. The legal lease holder, had brought Ms. Greven on board as a property manager. Although Ms. Greven always professed to us to be his silent “partner”, her name was never on any paperwork nor did the legal lease holder indicate to us that she was anything other than a vacation rental manager.

    Ms. Greven ran the property for the investor who we only met the day he viewed the house, the day he signed the lease and finally on the day he signed the early termination of that lease. We did not ask any questions. The rent was paid on time and the legal lease holder upheld his end of the arrangements.

    Three months into the lease the legal lease holder came to find out that Ms. Greven was allegedly siphoning vacation rental profits into her own bank account. My husband and I did not become aware of the situation until the lease holder approached us and asked for a early termination of the lease and explained what had happened. He had been financially “wiped out” by Ms. Greven and said he had no means by which to pay us our rents.

    Upon hearing the lease holders story we began some research of our own. Things began to come to light about Ms. Greven’s shady past; not limited to using the our home as a venue for “massage parties” (which we discovered and stopped), de-frauding vacation rental guests out of security deposits, taking deposits for vacation rentals far beyond the date of the end of the lease and depositing these deposits into her personal account (which was later seized and closed by the bank for fraud) and keeping those deposits. She was using OUR HOME to commit these acts.

    Within the same week, we were approached by someone who had been allegedly defrauded by Ms. Greven. This person provided proof to us of an extensive arrest record of Ms. Greven for fraud and methamphetamine use. We confirmed these arrests as true as proven by public record. In addition we did our own research on the web with her aliases and discovered a past littered with vacation rental fraud.

    We ultimately filed a restraining order against Ms. Greven and she was banned from the property. The lease with the legal lease holder was legally terminated and we faithfully and legally followed through with every detail of that lease termination, including refunds of all deposits to vacation renters who had contracts with the legal lease holder as well as housing vacation renters that held legal contracts with the legal lease holder who wished to continue with their contracts. We also signed contracts for the legal allocation of all assets left in the home.

    Sadly, Ms. Greven had defrauded many people using her own name and bank account. Most of those people were contacted and lost their deposits. As Ms. Greven had no legal rights to the property and appeared on no lease, she also had no right to act as the lessor and absorb deposits from clients. ESPECIALLY as far a 6 months PAST the termination date of the original lease. Those monies were kept by her and no one has been refunded that she defrauded to this day. We ultimately worked with the bank to have the account she was using to defraud people closed and redirected people to a place where they could file a criminal complaint against her. We have spoken with the police in regards to these matters and they are also very well aware of Ms. Greven’s checkered past.

    In short, we, along with many unwary vacation renters are victims of Ms. Greven’s path of destruction. We have no criminal history. We own the home and that fact can be checked on any real estate information site. We are good standing members of our community. Please, don’t take our word for it. Research it yourself.

    A good start to run some research on Ms. Greven is the following link will direct you to a “Complaint Forum” post that will shed a bit of light about Ms. Greven AKA Krista Friedman. There are many more where that came from.

    In conclusion; after the termination of the lease, we (the legal owners), continued to run the home as a vacation rental to honor the legal contracts held by the legal lease holder. As part of our attorney devised lease termination contract, we finished up the contracts that had been in his name. Sadly, there were MANY that came forth that had unwittingly deposited monies into Ms. Greven’s account. We were able to accommodate some of them as well, but most were directed to the District Attorney’s Offices to file suit.

    My husband and I ultimately decided to continue to run the home as a vacation rental for ourselves. It was easy for us to oversee and it made financial sense for us to do so. If you are considering renting our home but have Googled either our names or the property address and are fearful of renting, we understand. As I stated, we have nothing to hide and will gladly answer questions, provide references and talk with you about any concerns you have. It was Ms. Greven’s intention to dissuade you from wanting to rent from us with the post that proceeds my rebuttal. She is angry and this is how she feels she can best hurt us for putting a stop to her fraudulent rampage. I won’t post my phone number here. Please email me and I will promptly then provide you with any info you require and my contact phone number so I can personally answer your concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to talking to you.

    My email is as follows: [protected]

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