Homeawayvilla no 1901726

No 8 Danika Residency, Benaulim, Goa
We have 2 concerning issues:
The description states 24 hour security guard, there is no such security in the property. Large groups of youths cause disturbances and we are fearful for our safety.
Swimming pool and the surrounding area offered are filthy, the owner has admitted it is not maintained therefore it is unsanitary for use. Again large numbers of youths appear and use the pool who are not residents.
When highlighting with them the owner we were offered a refund but 24 hours later she has refused such a refund after knowing that we had secured and paid for alternative accommodation.
We feel she is in breach of the requirements offered and the reasons we chose this property and also that she is putting guests at potential physical harm due to the lack of security and also from a health and safety aspect by not following correct hygiene requirements for use of a pool.


May 16, 2017

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