Homeawayvacation rental service awful

Paid for a vacation rental home (3588212) at timberline ski resort in davis, wv in december 2016 for 2/3/2017 check in. Received email confirmation of payment. After reaching out to home owner and home away several times with no response from home owner, she phoned at 7:45 pm on 2/2 to cancel our reservations due "to busted water pipes" that she "found out about couple of weeks ago!" when we apprised home away of the situation, they were of no help telling us that would do nothing until home owner initiated a refund or we could travel to davis tomorrow and at check-in call them and claim "stranded traveler status. " fortunately home owner did process a refund later that night and then home away offered to "help" by suggesting other properties that we could rent at several hundred dollars more a day! Found same properties that home away suggested from a local realtor for $90 less.
Guess I learned what home away’s definition of payment protections service is?

Feb 06, 2017

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