homeaway, Shaw Wen, VRBO & Kris Greven aka Krista Friedman / vacation home rental / internet scandal

Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I paid money to rent a vacation home for a week for my wedding & thanks to the ACTUAL OWNERS of the house I was able to have my wedding. Now my problem is with my $1000 deposit. I left the house in AMAZING shape. I'm talking spotless. Some b.s. happen a few days after we had checked out with SOME OTHER RENTER AFTER US (2 DAYS after we checked out) & now all of a sudden Kris can not pay us our deposit. She says she owes it to us, but she can't pay it. Now her partner Shaw Wen who is on my contract & who I put half of my full rental money into his account said he was going to mail me out a check and has not. Its been over a month since I checked out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SHAW WEN INC (realitor), KRISTA FRIEDMAN AKA KRIS GREVEN OR HOMEAWAY!!! U WILL GET SCREWED OUT OF YOU MONEY!!!

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