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Lorenzo Quintero is managing the property #801073 in New Orleans, LA. He has been the most disrespectful and Lorenzo Quintero is managing the property #801073 in New Orleans, LA. He has been the most disrespectful and ridiculously catty human (male/female) that I've ever encountered & exchanged dialogue with. I inquired about his property. Upon response I noticed that the refundable deposit was higher than expected & the occupancy limit was much lower than expected with no flexibility to increase. In my experience after years of visiting Nola I've never known this to be the norm in neighboring communities with much more attractive properties. His response was extremely defensive and caught me off guard. I responded respectfully and stated that there was no need for defense, I have extensive experience as a renter as well and was only sharing my opinion/ possibly helpful feedback that could potentially help future occupants with similar inquiries. He then began to message back and forth with disrespectful accusations about my character and calling me classless, unsuccessful and insinuated that my attitude and I as an occupant weren't pleasant. As if I disrespected him by asking a question and sharing an opinion. Once I started to get slightly upset and gave him a small dose of his own very feminine medicine he became sarcastic and threatened to share the messages with others in hopes that my "true colors" would show before given the opportunity to rent with others. I've NEVER had a negative experience with any other homeowner (9 yrs worth) & didn't anticipate such a ruckus with this person, but nonetheless a ruckus was served. I am extremely disappointed with his unprofessionalism & plan to share this experience with anyone interested in renting in the great city with an awful being tainting the cities aura.

Dec 20, 2017
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      Mar 12, 2018

    We had a similar experience with Lorenzo Quintero during our stay at his New Orleans "Kajun Kastle" February 2018. It is unfortunate that he thinks he can bully people and act as unprofessional as he did. Calling woman horrific names over the phone when they are inquiring about a package is next level and no one should have to put up with that kind of verbal abuse. He is not a nice man and I would reconsider staying here if I knew about his professionalism prior to booking. BEWARE.

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  • No
      May 07, 2018

    @sam sarager I had a terrible experience with Lorenzo Quintero as well. I put down a deposit for PoolHouse PALAZZO, and when I was sent the contract, I replied back with a single question I had (to paraphrase: "Does the liability of this contract fall on all guests or just me (the one signing the contract)?". He responded that he had refunded my deposit and the contract was terminated. That "every lawyer or lawschool student feels they need to edit everything they see" (despite me not being a lawyer/law student and never making a claim that I was one), and that because I was raising that point meant that it was highly likely that my group was going to cause significant damage to the house. When I responded letting him know there must be some misunderstanding (I was very surprised by his reaction to a simple question), he became very unprofessional and said this was why things "didnt work out". That he hoped I could use this as a learning opportunity and do better next time (not a joke). Can't imagine what he would have been like to work with had we signed the lease. This all happened over a single question to the lease document. We dodged a bullet.

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