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Ventura, CA, United States

Enrolled with Home Advisor effective 8/30/2018 - annual fee of $347.98 deducted from our account. We Requested only Alarm and Camera Job leads . During a two week period we were billed an additional $518.68 for leads, of the $518.68 only two of the leads were for Alarm and/or Camera jobs. The billing for those two was $33.75 leaving a balance of $484.93 for job leads in field/area not requesting. We have requested our account closed with them. Emailed Home Advisor several times to correct the issue, no response. We have since closed our credit card so Home Advisor would not continue to charge our credit card. Spent over an hour on the phone 9/28/2018 with one of the supervisors from Home Advisor, who acknowledge we were billed in error, but that Home Advisor would NOT refund us for their error of charging us for Lead Types we had not requested We have requested a refund of our money several times, but as of today we have not received any refunds for their errors.

Sep 28, 2018

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