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September 2008 I purchased a home warranty from Choice home warranty and I had a package that allowed me and many home owners purchase and payoff in 3months for a year contract which was paid off Deember 18th, 2008.
The contract was supposed to be mailed to my home and they said they could not email their contract which I know would have sent a Red flagged if I was able to view before purchasing.
Till this day I have not viewed my contract which I regret buying before reading their contract.
The week of December 22nd my husband made a call in for service due to our water heater bursting which had inpacted a water fllod in our basement.
They sent a service contractor in day after and he indicated to them that we had a rust in our home wareanty which was due to the age of the water heater and knows we needed a new one.
They company told him and my husband they could not cover because the contract states they do not cover a Rust.
When I spoke to the manager on December 23-24th, they told me to read my contract that they do not cover rust that a rust indicate a non mentained water heater.
I called the contractor and spoke to the contractor who was surprsie at the action of the home warranty, he said he tried to explain to them that we had no actions that prevented the rust that the water heater was placed 1971 and that it is a common thing he had seen.
He said when he tried to explain to Hoem Warranty they told him it was between them and the customer.
Till this day they would not fix my water heater and have taken our money.
My husband then concluded we were at a loss to exit the contract even though we had paid for the service because he could not deal with a Scam.
Please do not buy from this company and check out their contract before purchasing, it is a lesson learned and will not happen again!

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  • Jj
      Mar 10, 2009

    I have created a user group Choice Home Warranty Claims, please come and join if you have experienced difficulties with this company. I am also looking for co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit.

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  • Di
      Jun 18, 2009

    I'm glad you wrote your comment. I just ran quotes from Choice Home Warranty today because I found out today that the home warranty contract I had with National Home Protection is dead. I was considering Choice to purchase another home warranty plan. I will check to see if someone has started a user group against NHP like you did against Choice because I paid $1, 049.73 for three years of coverage, beginning 3/15/08. I still had 2 years of coverage to go. I will file a claim with NY's Attorney General in case there is a class action suit. Thank you for writing your complaint and good luck.

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