Home WarrantyUnresponsive and Fradualent ACT

BEWARE - This company is a SCAM! Take note of ALL the people that have complianed about this company. They have VERY LONG WAIT TIMES, AND THEIR POLICY IS TO DENY ALL CLAIMS Initially. Than they MAY say we will cover 50% after making you jump through hoops of getting all types of information. Also, they may only cover 50% if you really FIGHT for it and threaten them with informing BBB, Insurance Commisioner and ATTORNEY.

Also, THEY ARE NOT AUTHORIZED OR LICENSED to do business in California, and they still have been selling insurance in CA. CA residents see this site
and file a compliant with the CA insurance commissioner. They have already opened a case and have filed CRIMINAL charges against nationwide Home Warranty.

Everybody in ALL other states, beware and do your homework, THIS company is a SCAM and with CA filing criminal charges, other states will follow and soon you will see this company shut its doors and YOUR MONEY will be lost.


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