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Duncan, SC, United States
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Purchased some floors from the dorman center SC location, said they weren't in stock at the store but were in stock at the warehouse. Promised a 7/10 day delivery. Two days after my order I recieve an email stating that the floors are on a backorder for 2 months. I go back into the store and request a refund for the amount of 4k. (I paid cash) they said that they didn't have enough cash in till, so they will pay me via check within 7-10 business days. Well, it's been 27 days and I still haven't received my refund in the mail, neither is the management helping me resolve this issue. I've purchased over 20k of material in the last 3 weeks with Home Depot, and I'm more than upset over this case. They will no longer be getting my/my family business from here on. Where is the customer loyalty when you can't reimburse the small amount. You're a billion dollar industry.

Oct 21, 2017

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