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Free rings I received a card offering free rings, two of them and, the trick was you have to pay for the shipping and, handeling on each ring. They charged the following: 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $1.00 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $1.00 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $2.99 09/25/2015 CARD HOLSTEDJWLR 800 $2.99 Then I found two(2) charges pending on my account on 10/12/2015 for $66.98. I Did know who Holstedjwr 800 was and searched the net to find out what was going on. Tried to call bank, but today was a Holiday. I found Holsted Jewelers telephone number on net: [protected]. I called and spoke to some one who verified name and address. Then She told me that the charges were for two(2) sets of earing they had shipped that match the free rings I had received. Apparently I was a member and every month I would receive jewelry and be charged, The catch for me was that before I received the next item I had to tell them I didn't want to be a member any more Of course I had already would have been charged for that months item. Well I told her that I wanted the current charges refunded. First she said they had been shipped already and I would have return them. I kind of got a little upset and said I would call bank to stop payment and if I couldn't I would call FBI to make a fraud charge against them . She told me that I wouldn't let her talk so she wouldn't say anymore. I apologized for interrupting and she explained what it was about again and I told her that I heard her the first time. Again I express my my felling and she said that she would stop the shipment (remember, already told me they had been shipped). She said she would refund both charges of $66.99 and to give her 72 Hrs. Then she told me that I would see the results in 3 to 5 days, because that is the way the system operates. I thanked her and she thanked me for calling. Guess it is awaiting game to see how sincere she was.

Oct 12, 2015
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      Oct 03, 2015

    I cancelled my original Debit card that they charged. Somehow they have my new debit card and they are still charging me with unauthorized purchases. How can they obtain my new information. Promised me credit still waiting.

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      Oct 24, 2015

    I feel bad because I bet the company as a whole isn't this way, but it's the sneaky sales associates who ruin the experiences you have with Holsted.

    The same thing sort of happening to me! They say after you get the free ring(s) to cancel your supposed membership with them. So instead of getting two rings, I just wanted the one, and the lady I was speaking to was SOOOO pushy it was honestly uncomfortable. I understand needing to make a sell, but this was different. She kept offering me third party offers and I continued to say "no thank you, not today. I've only called for this offer and this offer only." So After I got the ring, I cancelled any further offers from Holsted which would be that $66 where they send you the "latest" jewelry without asking. So I was never charged by them, got ride of the paper where I wrote done the woman's name, thought I was done with them. Fast forward to about a month later (2 nights ago), I checked my bank account and saw I had a charge of $29.99. I knew deep down what it was, it was one of those 3rd party offers that I had clearly expressed I was not interested in. I had to contact the 3rd Party and the woman was hardly shocked that Holsted had done this. Afterwards, I contacted my bank and they put a hold on my account and are sending me a new card. I had to file a claim with them to make this happen. So if you take all of these steps, you'll get refunded, the 3rd Party won't charge you again, and you'll have a new card. As for Holsted, I plan on calling them today and letting them know what happened and seeing if they can track down who spoke to me that day because this is so unacceptable!

    As for what to you @Reviewer80453, I have no idea how they got your new card information! That's insane! Have you informed you bank about this?

    Hope my experience has helped someone.

    P.S. I plan on sending the jewelry back as well, just to really express how unsatisfied I am.

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  • Bi
      Oct 30, 2015

    A friend of mine ordered two rings from this coming and they deducted. $8.98 from her card and haven't recieved not one thing fron them. Called customer service and they are giving her the run around about her money. This is a scam so please do not answer or like on facebook. Talking about it takes 3 weeks from now. How are they getting peoples information when they change their cards?

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