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[Resolved] Holiday Travel Of America / This needs to STOP!

1 6405 El Camino RealCarlsbad, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 760-331-0444

My husband and I attended a 'program' in Yakima, WA for Holiday Travel of America. After trying to weed out the off-key sing-a-long representative, and the blaring music, and wild Hawaiian shirts, the program was presented. We chose not to buy into the program, but opted for the 'free gift'.

We read the fine print on the back of the certificate and sent it in within the required time limit, selecting our departure location.
We got back a paper showing the travel date periods and a payment coupon asking for $116.00 taxes fee, and $398.00 processing fees. My husband is a world traveler, very sauvy on port fees. and he was outraged at the apparent scam! Highway robbery at least on the processing fees. No wonder they can send their reps to 'exotic' locations!

Now I see that Holiday Travel of America has been ripping off others all across the nation, and for many years!

Well, we're out of this scam, thank God without nothing more than our time!

We are unfortunately not able to take them to court at this time; however, I am filing this report, and I will also follow up with a complaint to BBB of Washington. This needs to STOP!!!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Holiday Travel Of America Customer Care's Response, Feb 05, 2008

    Lets take this step by step. Paragraph one first sentence...

    False: Holiday Travel does not host, present, operate, and/or financially contribute to time-share presentations or as stated above "Program".

    Fact: Companies purchase our travel offers as incentives to attract consumers interested in travel.

    Food for thought: If the free gift was an iPod would you blame Apple? Probably Not!

    Depending on which travel offer is being addressed here the taxes and processing fees are stated. And in some cases come with 2 nights of accommodations. But because this product name was not released here we cannot identify it.

    False: We do not have "reps going to exotic locations."

    Fact: We do not sell directly to the general public.
    Fact: There are no representatives from Holiday Travel of America at these presentations being held across the nation.

    Fact: The Details of Participation are clearly stated on the back of each travel offer. There are no hidden fees. If one of our products is misrepresented we want to know. PERIOD!

    Unfortunately many consumers assume that Holiday Travel of America puts on timeshare presentations, hires telemarketing companies, etc... to sell our products. The truth is for over 20 years we never have or will use these practices internally to sell our products and/or services.

    We sell our products to companies such a Disney, Kodak, Tropicana, Weight Watchers, and many more large and small companies. These companies in return use them to motivate, reward, and sell THEIR products.

    We hope in the future if a consumer has an issue with ANY of our products or feels that the product was misrepresented by a someone or a company that they contact us directly for assistance or to report any and all information.

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  • Al
      1st of Mar, 2008
    -1 Votes

    The fact that they don´t hire telemarketing companies to sell thier bogus product is a complete lie. I had a telemarketing company and unfortunatley thought they had legit product. The people who were running thier telemarketing operations have numerous complaints and convictions from the FTC for fraud. Also i know for a fact that if you get given one of thier vouchers at a timeshare representation you can basically forget about it. The timeshare company pay about $70 for a vegas 3day 2 night stay. Also you may notice that HTOA only accept checks. Thats because no credit card will deal with them as they have so many compplaints. That speaks for itself.

  • Mi
      6th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes
    Holiday Travel of Amerca - Fraud and rip off!
    Holiday Travel of America
    6405 El Camino Real
    United States
    Phone: 760 431 8600

    They fraudulently took 280.00 $ for a saletax charge. For a cruse to Mexico , they never delivered. These A-holes should be jailed

  • Al
      6th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Can HTOA come and comment on thier lies that they don't telemarkt thier product. I'm eagerly awaiting thier response on that one. Why don't they have Zach Lieberman reply he's thier head of telemarketing sales

  • An
      6th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes
    Holiday Travel Of America - does not want to honor trip
    Holiday Travel of America
    United States
    Phone: 760-431-8600

    Unless you upgrade your free trip is useless. Agents at holiday Travel said they have thousands that gave up and thousands ahead of me to get their trip. Fastest way is to spend a little to get your free trip.

  • Gm
      25th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I too have been ripped off by HTOA. I bought travel insurance because I was told if we had to cancel for any reason we would get our money back. Unfortunately we had to cancel because of work and now I'm told I didn't by the supplemental that covered that particular reason. We paid over $1400 for our "free trip" and a 3 day extension. I can never talk to anyone in person and when they leave messages I can never understand what they said.

    I thought that at least we would still have the plane tickets that we paid extra for, but according to Northwest, the tickets were refunded. So this company has pocketed our money.

    Rippp OFFFFFFF.

    Stay away!!!

  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I too, feel ripped off. I was given 6 get-a-way trips by a time share with Holiday Travel of America. I made my first request well before the 90 day requirement. I was told I would get a call in about 2 weeks. After one month I called and was told I would be put on a waiting list. I told them that I would take ANY dated open during the year. I have been calling daily and always get a
    recording saying the person is not in and to leave a message and my call will be returned. Guess what!! I don't receive any return calls. I am considering taking them to small claims court.

  • La
      21st of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My wife and I attended the 2009 Flower and Patio Show at the Indiana State Fair Grounds. We were told by a PR man if we drove to Kentucky and took a tour of Green Farm Resort (Leitchfield, KY) we would receive a free night's stay plus complimentary gift cards. We were mislead because that was not the case. We got a free night's stay and but did not recieve the gift card we were promised. We too recieved paper voucher with fine print. Send certified mail. Send money and you will receive what we promised for free. And I might add... promised over and over in order to get us to agree to take the tour. The land they were trying to sell was attractive, but we were not interested at this time. We truly thought they would honor their word because we felt it was a legitimate company especially if they were going to advertise at the State Fair Ground. They not only lost a sale at a future time from us, they also lost our trust and respect. Reputation in very important... especially at a time when the economy is struggling. Unfortunately we live in a world of greed and deception. We can only hope that others are not mislead as we were. Please be alerted and don't make the same mistakes we made. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!

  • Ci
      24th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My husband and I also attended the 2009 Flower & Patio Show at the Indiana State Fair Grounds. We were also told by a PR man we would get free gift cards and a free nights stay. The stay was at a state forest and was not the best place to stay because of cleaniness and the food was terrible that we paid for! There was no other places to eat. Not much of anything in the area as far as businesses. The tour took place during a downpour and flash flood. The property was okay if you want to live away from everything but a golf course. We got our gas voucher but not our other free gift card. We sent the paper in for it but did not read the other side (small print) and did not send it certified nor the $5.95 cost for the free?? card so we are out of luck. We also paid $25.00 at the Flower and Patio Show (which they stated we would get back on this Free???? card we cannot get! Beware of this place---Green Farm Resort -- Falls of Rough, Kentucky. I really thought since they were at the Indiana State Fair Grounds they would be safe and trustworthy. I will know better next time and will be contacting the fair grounds to let them now these people are crooks.

  • Ro
      4th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    You are right. This has to STOP! Holiday Travel of America is a total scam. They actually never honored my trip by constantly delaying it, claiming everything is booked. Until the offer expired. They actually tried to lie to me into signing another contract by taking more money from me! What free trip? They play stupid. They totally lied to me about the contract. Good thing, I can read. I caught their lies. Then they were not very happy about that. And they decided to totally dishonor my offer! Yeah, you heard me! They will straight out deny all contracts and offers. They won't even bother reasoning with you. They'll just tell ya: "Basically we are ####$%$s, and we lied, so we don't care, we are just not gonna honor our offer. what are you going to do?? sue us?"
    Yeah, you bet I will. My husband is a lawyer!
    From a business point of view, this kind of companies cannot last long. They will usually have to change their names or go hide and run pretty soon. Time is on my side...

  • Pi
      6th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I've been calling for over a year for our Hawaii trip. Every time it's oh, those dates are booked, please choose 2 more dates, and we'll notify you. Today, the latest scam was go to the website and get a "Free Upgrade". Nothing is free. This is their way of getting you into more debt.

  • Tt
      14th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I'm very upset & I will try very hard to get our $100.00 deposit back somehow!!! We were looking forward to an extended stay. Thank you for the insight everyone!!!

  • Ba
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree, , I was totally ripped off too.. they have my money and for over 6 months we keep calling trying to confirm a cruise.. so how much money do they make on collecting our money and earning interest on it.. I know that there are soooo many of us out here and after endless calls, we still do not have a cruise or our money.. i called carnival and they told me they can confirm right now if you pay for the cruise right now.. not 60 days and 60 days.. and 60 days. TOTAL Scam !!! We all need a lawyer and to file a class action suit...

  • No
      1st of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    We too toured the Green Farm Resort but was not interested. We were to receive a free gift card and a vaction package just for touring. For the gift card, we had to send in a request by certified mail only to recieve another form to fill out which also had to be sent certified again along with a money order for shipping and handling $5.95. They then sent us a letter saying sorry offer expired. I was skeptical from the beginning but went on their website to read reviews and thought possibly I was unfair. My feeling is these people stall and create excuses and keep your money. After reading these complaints and my own experience with them I WILL NOT be sending them another dime or trusting them on a vacation package.

  • Br
      9th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I were too about to be scamped!!!

    it was so outrageous! The guy claimed that he called from the Welk Vacations resort said that I won a trip for two because I entered a drawing from a bridal expose that I went to on January 2010 at the Los Coyote Golf Club in Buena Park, CA. After getting me to agree on coming with my fiance to attend a "tour" he blatantly asked me for a 20 bucks deposit (by providing debit or credit card number) so that the travel ticket can be reserve in our names, which he assured me will be credited back if we show up and after that we only need to pay 100 bucks per person for the supposed trip that we supposedly won 3 days 2 night in Honolulu. In the pit of my stomach it didn't sit right (even though i was waking up from nap). I felt like everything was a set up, and I'm so upset at how they were leading you into giving them your information like your addresses and stuff. But I caught up before it was too late and didn't give them my credit or debit number...which was really what they really wanted.
    I don't care how sly this guy thinks he is, but he kept on insisting that I won something and wanted my credit card info to charge me? that's just NOT right no matter how you slice it. He gave me is "direct number" -619 516 7873 to check that he's really with Welk Vacations-which he also gave me the business number 800 652 0056
    So i looked up the company Welk vacations with the BBB even though they have an A + rating, but I was still suspecting something wrong so I looked up more info about the type of scam, so I found yelp reviews on them, which lead me I put 2 and 2 together. Welk Vacations should be ashamed of themselves to be associated with this kinda scams to prey on unsuspecting public.
    I know nothing about them before but now I'm very against whatever has to do with them, so for sure i will NOT ever do any business with them or if we were staying in Escondido, we WILL NOT ever set foot on your resort or timeshare or whatever business. And will spread the words about their shady business practice or association with a blatant scam organization.

    I was so silly to even believe him for a minute that I won something!!! I hope that this review reach some people before they got scammed. Can you imagine how many 100 bucks they already made?
    Why aren't anyone doing anything about it? Companies that hides behind this so-called Holiday Travel of America should have their rating by the BBB adversely affected because they were associated with this guy.

    They must think we are stupid, that we have no idea that they are aware of what HTOA is up to...but in the end it is them who are the stupid ones to subject their potential customers to this kind of scam to make a few bucks. (we all know they probably split the 100 bucks and laughed at us behind our backs for being so gullible but in the end their business is to scam ppl because no one will do real business w/ them by going to their resorts or whatever business that they supposedly own)

    We definitely need to change our society by punishing companies that hide behind companies like HTOA by boycotting or anything at all to hurt them financially so that way they will stay away from anything that smells like a scam. Only by then will consumers like us will be rid of this plague.

    I think in general we as consumers have to take ourselves on vacations more often so we won't be so eager to jump at chance to enter drawings (which are probably breeding grounds for unethical and illegal business practices) and susceptible to scams like these. I myself always dreary of entering any type of drawing but for some reason that day and the event and I thought that probably maybe there's something worth to be won, and who would scam us anyway at a bridal show????. But of course even when you think that way you should caught yourself NOT to give out your valuable information, and in this case your contact info to be subjected to their scam.

  • Sd
      21st of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I too was involved with Welk Resort in San Diego. I went to the timeshare presentation and bought into this stupid thought that I was going to have my traveling needs all meet with this Holiday Travel Package. I initially was active in planning vacations and got a hold of a girl Maribel all the time, asking my 20 questions. I bought into a $1000 package about 3 years ago when money was good and now I am reading these reviews now... pist off feeling. I wish I knew of yelp back then, they made it sound really good, in turn its too good to be true. I have tried to make reservations and I did one to Sedona but that vacation feel thru and they took my $25, not a big deal at first.. but I read reviews of the hotel and it was crappy and I am glad I didn't go. Now I don't want to make reservations because I am afraid he places will be all crappy and I can't invite other guests or give as presents because who knows what crap whole they'll end up in. With this recession who knows how their business is going. No one has time to deal with scams... if anyone has a positive story please let me know because I've already paid for all this and I don't know how to get my money back.

  • Co
      1st of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Likewise, 2 years ago, I bought timeshare at Tahiti Village thru Consolidated Resorts. After purchasing a timesharewith bells and whistles (literally)and they gave us booklets of "free trips and Cruises" from Holiday Travel of America.
    Since each booklet had more than 25 trips, we were told we can give them out to friends and family. Unfortunately, I purchased 2 shares and of course got 2 booklets which I gave out to friends and family. You can just imagine what I had to go through to explain to them that these were scams.I have tried myself NUMEROUS times to book with their registration form that required $5.00 deposit to be able to reserve for my 1st and 2nd choice dates. It has beeen 3 years and another visit to Tahiti Village this month to speak with the representatives there. Spoke to "Skip" who identified himself as the Vice President. He said that that propaganda was bogus to begin with. What a shame. I threw out all of my coupons and writing this blog so everyone else who falls prey to these timeshare will not go through from what I had to experience.

  • Ho
      12th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Yep, Holiday Travel of America seems to be the biggest scam there is. Thankfully I have just spent $25 to attend a Napa trip they have been promising for over a year. I get the same run around it seems that everyone above has stated.

    All I had to do was attend a Time Share presentation to win a free trip for two to Napa for a two night stay. Well, I attended the Time Share presentation, but decided it was not for me at that time. I gave them my voucher for the trip I chose (Napa), and a few months later I received a document stating that I had the trip to Napa with a final confirmation to follow.

    Well, instead of the confirmation, I received a phone call from a woman named, "Nancy." She said that I could buy into their upgrade program. I said, "No, I just wanted the Napa trip." She then proceeded to send me e-mails about the upgrade and provided a deadline to buy into it. I still said No. Then she extended the upgrade. I still said, "No, I just want the Napa trip." Then all of a sudden the Napa trip was no longer available to me. My dates were full and I had to pick new dates. So I did, Again, and Again, and Again. It has been over a year and I'm still dealing with this crap. Picking new dates, then telling me my selected dates are full, etc, etc. I am reporting them to the BBB, b/c this is pure scam.

  • Da
      12th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    people, they send it you you in writing, no purchase or obligation and its only 90minutes. If yr 91 minutes in, you can get of the golf cart and get ur Gift, and the 20$ deposit is a sign of commmitment refunded to you when you show up, and how can u complain about paying 99$ in taxes to goto hawaii, and you dont even pay that untill the dates are confirmed, i dont know what subcompany you all went though but i was booked by allan who had me to call 6195167893 to prove he was a welk employee... so I take the tour and get a hawaii trip from a dodgers game i had enterd, i was skeptical about the 20$ deposit but i did get it back and used my vacation 6 months after the tour with no hitches and although i diddnt spent a cent at the Welk Resorts, theyve recetly called me back todo the tour again...

  • Go
      1st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Holiday Travel of America is a big scam. You think you got a free trip. The game they play is that demand you choose a future date for the trip. Two weeks prior to the trip you get the message "Oops, those dates aren't available. Choose another couple dates." You choose another couple dates and again it comes back, "Sorry those dates aren't available either. Choose a couple new dates." I finally told them that I can get off any time that I want and they should pick the dates that work for them. "Sorry sir. Can't do that. Choose another couple dates." By the way, I attended their meeting over 2 years ago and I'm still waiting for my trip to Vegas. Don't bother with these rip off artists. It is a big damned scam! Gordon Castle

  • Ar
      14th of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    HTOA called my wife at home and talked her into buying a 40 trip package for 599. We did try to book a trip to St. Thomas and actually got one, but we had to cancel when we had to use the cash for something else. They DO take credit/debit cards. They DO telemarket and, if you are willing to work withing their guidelines, you can get a trip booked but before you pay, call the resort and ask if they actually deal with HTOA to save yourself some aggravation. Now, my wife is getting calls from these Filipinos in California wanting to resell her package for over 5000--provided of course, she pay another 600 to "unlock" her account with HTOA. I smell a BIG RAT here!

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