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This is the exact email I sent them 3 weeks ago immediately after my encounter and 2 phone calls... Also, I was told my matter would be resolved within 48 hours. So I waited and waited and emailed and emailed. They completely ignored me. I promised them I would share this with the world so everyone will know how IHG treats potential customers. I will not plan our Bora Bora trip with IHG after this encounter.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Benny Chong and my VIP guest number is 3261299. I made my reservation one year ago and I was promised a villa style stay with $100 and a free night. Well, that turned out to be a complete mistake for purchasing anything from IHG. I checked in to my hotel and NOT the villa. I spent hours on the phone and multiple emails prior to my stay and it took a complaint on tripadvisor message board for someone to get back to me. And even then, I still ended up in the hotel. That was strikes one, two and three against IHG already.

Next, when I went to my timeshare presentation to get my gift, I was asked if we made $50, 000 a year to which we answered yes. Next, the question was if we were employed. To this question, we answered no. We were promptly denied the tour and when I asked the CSR about our $100 and free night gift, she told me to call the phone number. When I called the number, they said that we were never told to call to get our gift! I asked the CSR, how can I get my gift and she hands me a business card with a number and the words verbatim, “Call that number” were said to me, and yet, the supervisor on the phone had the audacity to tell me I was NOT told that just 30 minutes after I was told those exact words. Really??

The lady at the counter and the supervisor asked me about our annual income and current employment situation, but never did she ask for the reason of unemployment. I am a surgeon and my wife is a physician and we are relocating to a new state. Our contracts do not begin until mid August and we have a guarantee combined income of $450, 000. Our income in the past 6 months was over $125, 000. However, these issues were never addressed. We were merely DENIED the tour and DENIED my well deserved gift as I had been promised. We had all the intention to purchase a time share with IHG, especially with a 2 year old who is excited about Mickey Mouse, new baby on the way and direct flights to Orlando from our new home. However, we were severely mistreated, bait and switched with my original purchase, denied the tour and my well-deserved gifts of $100 and free night. You can see all the reasons why I cannot trust IHG and will take my business elsewhere. You have severely dampened the joy of this vacation for us. This will be posted to tripadvisor, BBB, consumeraffairs, [redacted], complaintsboard, scambook, passporter, vacation-club review in the next couple of days. We are awaiting a resolution to this situation.

Thank you for your time.

Jul 25, 2016
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  • Da
      Aug 18, 2016

    I currently own a timeshare with Holiday in club Vacations. It is to your benefit that you did not purchase with them. When I schedule my vacation each year, it takes between 20-35 hours to get a reservation. I am transferred at least 10-15 times each call and the common answer is someone else needs to help with that. This august I went to South Beach Resort. This two day reservation took around 27 hours to schedule and I was transferred between club vacations and IHG over 40 times, until an IHG adviser stayed on the line and told the Club adviser she needed to take care of this. The club advisor informed me there is no reservations for my timeshare but I could rent a room for over $300 A NIGHT. A manager finally spoke to me, after I had requested a manager more than 3 hours earlier, she found me a room and it was booked within 20 minutes. THIS IS A EVERY RESERVATION EVENT. It does not matter if scheduling 2 months out or scheduling 12 months out there is never any rooms available.

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