HMSHost / famous nathans at walt whitman travel plaza

United States

On Aug 26th...on our way to Florida from Massachusetts, we hungry travelers stopped at Walt Whitman plaza for a Nathan's hot dog. Store ID is 4NJNAT36.
It should have been a clue when no one else was getting their food from this restaurant. To make a long story short...I have never seen such a "who cares" attitude in my life. Order Taker, Cheyenne, had a blank look on her no one was home! Our order was completely messed up...we got someone else's...unfortunately should have checked before we got back on the road.
Order number 9988
Hot dogs did not even taste like Nathans (are they?) and we were charged $19.44 for crummy tasting hotdogs (not sure they are nathans), soggy and unsalted fries, and a medium...really small soda. We were so hungry we ate one hot dog between us and threw the rest away. My husband ranted for an hour as to how there is no more customer service anymore and that he's tired of working hard just to throw money away. One gentleman helping the order taker did nothing but gloves on anyone! Some one from the higher up needs to go there as a customer or better yet as an "undercover boss". I know this is fast food basically but come on!!! I want a refund or contact me so that I can get a gift card for Nathan's hot dogs.

Sep 18, 2017

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