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H Feb 16, 2018 Review updated:

The Vikings Series on the History Channel is full of violence. Beheading, slicing a body in half, hanging people by their skin, torture, murder and showing blood and guts are things only demented producers would want to show on TV. People are influenced by these kinds of programs. You wonder why people are killing others in this world. Please Take that show off the air!!!


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      Feb 16, 2018

    Have you ever read about the Vikings? Maybe you can't stomach it, but that's history. Change the channel if you don't like it

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      Feb 20, 2018

    First, a compliment: I am really looking forward to the new series on "Frontiersmen." It seems it will be great educational programming.

    The Vikings became too graphically violent for me. Violence can be powerfully depicted without all the graphic fake blood, slashing and graphic content.

    I have another complaint about programming: WHERE IS MOUNTAIN MEN?? You are promoting a new season of Forged, which just ended the previous season's reruns. I WANT TO SEE MOUNTAIN MEN! I am assuming there will be a new season because they were in a short cartoon-ish promo I saw this past week. Mountain Men is very educational, filled with information that can be used today. In addition, there are few, if any, bleeped words, unlike Swamp People, Ice Road Truckers, or other HC series. On this topic, I think Forged should be taken off the air. Nobody in this country needs to see more devices that kill, and yet you continue to feature knives that are "made to kill, " or "will certainly kill, " using fake human torsos complete with fake red blood, and slashing pig carcasses. Why don't we see the bladesmiths make new kitchen knives, or garden tools?

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      Feb 20, 2018

    9wood, I hope you are correct! Thanks for the hope!

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      Jun 04, 2018

    Thanks, 9wood, I saw a recent promo, too. There wasn't a start date shown, just "soon." I did see a promo also for another swamp program, maybe mysteries...? So I am not sure MMen will take its place on Thursdays, but I am sure MMen will find a spot.


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