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1 pretoria, South Africa

i am I am writing this to complain and make you aware of the unacceptable andDisappointing service I have received from Hirsch.I bought a dishwasher from Hirsch in 2011. We took the extended warranty on the dishwasher.My problems started firstly when my dishwasher had some problems and was not washing dishes clean.Following has happened since:1. The first call the dishwasher arm was replaced. Consequently when I Used the dishwasher there was a knocking sound, which caused a dent into the dent of the dishwasher on the insidethe knocking sounds lasted Months2. called Hirsch again, when I was advised it was not the original Samsung dishwashing arm which was installed. INSTEAD of replacing the arm with original arm the arm was bent so there will be no knocking sounds. When asked about the dent on the door I was ignored3. I tried to get the dent fixed and new arm installed. Only to be ignored and told by Mia Hirsch has my best interest. Tired of dealing with technicians that frustrate me I left the matter4. There was burning at the back of the plug which was fixed. But was advised was my problem doing me a favor with a technician with a real bad attitude.5. Now my dishwasher has smoke out the machine, there is a wrong dishwashing arm and dent on the inside of the door.I called Hirsch has I have extended warranty. I also called another Technician that specializes in fixing appliances and does work for Insurance companies.Hirsch technician calls me to arrange to come out to assess the dish washer. He was rude on the phone.I arranged for the independent technician to come out first. He showed my husband and me exactly where the smoke has come out from, could get the burning smell, when the section of the dishwasher was opened and showed us exactly which component failed and could see the burn marks.Then a Hirsch technician call to come to assess the machine was very rude. I explained how to find my house in our complex. He went to wrong house when advised was wrong house, he said oh now I must go all way back and clicks his tongue.My husband was home, the technician rushes in, my husband said he was abrupt and rude, my husband tried to explain to him where our own technician saw damage and show the report. He refused to listen. In fact he did his own assessment and did not even open machine and said machine needed parts that was not even damaged by the smoke or burning.We then decided, we have had enough of Hirsch and decided to get a new dishwasher (not from Hirsch!).Then I get a call to ask how the repair was. I explained the problem. I was advised new technician will come out. I get a call from the same technician who was arrogant and rude. He advises me that ' he heard from Hirsch I want second opinion is there a problem' I explained and asked if same technicians from first assessment, said yes. I advised would like someone else. He said will tell Hirsch and phone put down.I have bought new dishwasher. I have thus suffered a loss because of trusting and buying from Hirsch.I have extenuated warranty on a machine that won’t be fixed correctly and is bad condition with pirate parts.NOWThey taken dishwasher.THIER TECHNICIANS THAT PICKED UP THE DIDHWASHWER DROPPED IT QUITE HARD.I GET EMAIL TO EXPLAIN THE DAMNAGE.I I HAVE.THEN A CONDENSENDING EMAIL TO EXPLAIN AGAINITS BEEN OVER A YEAR OF HASSELS.I WOULD LIKE A REFUND. AS BEEN A WHILE IN STRUGGLING WITH HIRSCH.AND HAD TO GET NEW DIDHWASHWER.AND STILL NO RESOULTION

Jun 2, 2015

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