HH Greggmaytag dishwasher model # mdb4949sdm

I purchased this dishwasher along with three other appliances at the HH Gregg Pensacola location from salesman Kevin Holly on June 2, 2016. on June 4 my brother died and in the midst of all of this I still took delivery on all four products on Monday, June 6, 2016. unbeknownst to me there was concealed damage on the dishwasher underneath the insulation which covers the outside of the dishwasher. however on June 22 I called Kevin and reported that the top shelf was not sliding smoothly or properly and his words to me were, "it will work it's way out". That did not happen. and he did not do his job properly because Maytag has now informed me that within 30 days when you report a problem that they should send a service technician out to inspect.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pensacola, FL Long story short there is a huge dent in the back right corner of my dishwasher which I paid almost $500 for a new item and HH Gregg has given me the complete run around all while my family was having to plan a funeral and bury my brother. shame on them!!! I went and purchased the exact same dishwasher at Home Depot and have had exceptional service and highly recommend the Pensacola Mobile Highway store and will give them all of my future business. I am still in contact with John the store manager at HH Gregg as I still have the bill for the defective machine and I returned it to their store as instructed by my credit card company. just a heads up take your business somewhere else as John never returns phone calls and Kevin didn't report the problem like he should've done but I'm sure he enjoyed his commission check.

HH Gregg

Jan 18, 2017

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