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Hewlett Packard (Pavilion Laptop Pc) / poor service and incorrect information

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In July 2006, I bought a HP Pavilion laptop through Circuit City. A couple of weeks ago, the screen goes dead and I take it to Circuit City who said they did warranty repairs. Well that means they send it to HP.

And there's the problem. For the last week, they have LIED at least twice about the computer and until yesterday (2/23) I couldn't even get an answer to the question -- Had you even opened the box?

On 2/20 they tell me the computer will be back at the store that day. A Lie. For three days, I get nothing but "call back in a day."
Internet listings are A Lie. Friday 2/23 I get someone who says that the computer is being repaired and it will be at the store on Monday.

A Lie. Four hours later, Circuit City calls me and tells me they've received an e-mail that the computer needs a new motherboard, the motherboard is on backorder and HP has NO IDEA when replacements will arrive and, of course, I can pretty well forget seeing my computer anytime soon.

HP's response to this, when I called back, was sorry. Not that they were sorry, but that I should be happy that I finally got an answer.

NEVER, EVER, EVER purchase an HP Computer. NEVER.

I may lose my job if I don't have this computer back in a few days. But HP doesn't care. They got my money.

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  • Pa
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    I have had the same issues with HP and their case managers totally ignore your calls. In less than 1 year, I have had 5 motherboards replaced not to mention the several other issues. They are now at the point where they refuse to return calls so not only did I waste $1300.00 but I also paid for a warranty which they do not back up. Horrible product and horrible customer service.

  • As
      22nd of Nov, 2007
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    I bought an HP Pavillion Laptop on the 6th of December 2006 from Comet Store at Leeds UK. Since then it has been repaired twice because of the fault that the system fails to detect the wireless card. The first repair was done on 16/6/2007, which involved the following-
    - System Board replacement
    -Bios Upgrade
    -Wireless card replacement

    After the repair, I received the laptop on 18/06/2007, but unfortunately the problem still was there following which I sent it for a second repair ,that was done on the 22/6/2007, which involved the following:
    - System Board replacement
    -Bios Upgrade

    The system worked fine for the next 5 months, but again on 18/11/2007, the same problem occurred. This has been really affecting my studies and work. My internet payment are also going into vain, now that I am unable to use internet. I called the customer care on the 19th, and I was told that in order to prove that my system is in warranty I need to fax across my invoice of purchase. I went out of the way to make the fax immediately, still no action was taken. Since then I have been repeatedly calling customer care, but every time first they say the system is not under warranty, then I convince them that I have an invoice that states it is under warranty (which obviously it is). Finally after long they connect me to the technical support team, but either the team member does not pick up the phone or hangs it up, saying ‘can u hear me’?. This appears to be deliberate and the amount of frustration this is causing is beyond explanation. Once I was even asked to call on Saturday, reassuring me that all offices are open, which was a straight lie as your voicemail declares that offices are closed on Saturdays.

    Any product that is diagnosed with a severe problem right within the first 6 months of purchase, is definitely not a reliable product. I have failed to get the worth of my money, and the warranty is being questioned by the providers.I used to think very high of Hewlett Packard personally, but this customer treatment and product fault is making me loose all trust whatsoever. I personally feel that with such a deceitful treatment and non-reliable service, I will go out of my way to recommend people never ever to purchase an HP Product.

  • Ha
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    I too had the horrible expereience with HP. I purchased my HP Laptop on 12th of october 2007 from Delhi(India).I was very excited since after a long calculations and comparisons between the HP models I choosed dv 2601 tx, costing me Rs 50,000.Just after few days only it started troubling me so I went to the HP authorised service center at Okhla Phase-3 on 2nd of Nov.I told them that even after being connected to the internet it is not opening the web page.They asked me to submit it at the center and their engineers will take care of it and i followed the required formalities.
    Next day I recieved a call that my laptop's Motherboard and Operating System had been corrupted.I could not simply beleive that because everything was fine except that it was not opening the web page.If MB & OS was corrupted than how could the system do other works.It was told that within 2-3 days my system would be repaired and will get a call from the HP service center.
    After 4 days i made a call to the center to know the status.To my bewilderment i was told that my few keys are not working and they needs to be replaced so they had placed an order for that and as soon as they will recieve it they would repair it.I was wondering was there really any such kind of faults which were not true since all the keys were functioning properly at the time of I placed it at the service center.
    I kept on calling regularly to keep myself updated about the status.After few days they told me that key board is not available in the Delhi region so they had ordered it from Bangalore and they would be able to deliver it only after recieving and repairing after few more days.Truly this was the hieght of irresponsbility.At last I received it after a long period of 17 days on 19th of Nov.
    Dear friends the story does not ends up here.I moved out of the town due to my sister marriage and it a long spell of about 15 days.When after coming back I came to know that its Wi-Fi and Memory Card port is not functioning.Again I had to visit the Service center.Since I do not know much about computers I did not prepared a recovery disc and that option is dead now due to the formatting they had done.I asked if they could help in this, they simply denied.Since this might be my fault so I had no other option rather to suffer the loss of it.
    Next day I was updated that few of the parts are not working properly and needs replacement and the replacement parts had been ordered.After 3 days I received a call from the service center that my device was ready.When after the collection of my laptop i checked it out MMC-Port was still not working.When I complained it three people came one by one to check the problem.But all were very reluctant to handle that case rather they were more interested in going to their home.Frustated I went to the Incharge of the service center who was lady and complained about the things.But from the expressions she produced it seemed as she was the aggrieved rather than me.She did not even entertained the problem and simply said that you leave your device we will see what we can do.I did not submitted it since i had already suffered a lot and was lagging behind with my work.The problem is still persisting but i don't have enough time and liking to see those faces again.
    Now I hold the opinion that whatever anybody may say like "customer is the king",it is not true, infact the company is the king which boasts about the services and about the quality of the products only in the newspaper and advertisements, not in the their real terms.They only knows how to make money rather than providing solutions to the problems.Icing on the cake is the behavior of the employees of the service centers who are so irresponsible.I don't find the product worth after such inconvenience and mental agony.
    So my dear friends i would personally not advise anybody inmy life to purchase any HP products.I had learnt from the experience.

  • Ca
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    I purchased my HP Pavilion laptop in November 2006. from the date of purchase to now my laptop has broken down on me at least 6 times, where i have rung customer service explaining that it wont come on where they have tried to talk me through to getting up and running, which did work a couple of times, after the 3rd time of it breaking down I to ask for a replacement or a refund as it seemed that the laptop was faulty, I was told no, and that it may be repairable. To make matters worse the person on the other end of the telephone I could barely understand, and all i got off them is, can I repeat or pardon, I was having to repeat myself over and over again, on a few times I have had the phone put down on me. At least 4 out of 6 times my laptop had been collected for repairs, each time I was without my laptop for up to two weeks. On Thursday 3rd january I couldnt access the internet, i rang my internet provider, which is 25 per minute in which i was on the telephone for 30 minutes, only to find that the problem wasnt with them, they advised me it may be my router or my wireless card in the laptop seemed to be damage. I rang the belkin where i was on the phone for 20 minutes only to find that the problem was wireless card in the laptop, which was rectified by hp talking it through with me. a week later my laptop has broken down where the power light comes on but there is no life to it whatsoever to the laptop. Like before, I ring up, someone answers who does not speak English properly so youre left repeating yourself, getting frustrated angry and stressed. I believe that cutomers comes first, not with HP in their case its money, money, money,nobody seems bothered. Imagine you purchase something so expensive, when you want help or advise, you get the phone put down on you. I will advise NEVER purchase a hewlett packard in any shape or form.

  • Va
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    HP service centres are actually useless. There is no one to attend to your calls. This should be taken very seriously. In the absence of any after sales service, it is not worth buying HP products.

  • Ed
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I am having a similar problem. My laptop worked out of the box for a half hour. The next morning after charging all night, I had no display. HP sent me a box and it was FedEx'd to Tennessee. FedEx delivered it to them at 8:55 AM on 4/10. As of today (4/15) HP has nothing on the status page showing receipt. I have talked to India three times since then where they agree that it arrived but there is no further status. They claim to send an inquiry. This morning FedEx delivered a second box to ship the laptop to Fremont, CA (I am less than 100 miles from that location and that is where it should have gone anyway). Obviously I no longer have the laptop. The customer service reps merely quote from their training manual and claim that I don't need to call again, that it will be OK. Fortunately I bought the unit through and now they are using their avenue to try and follow up. Costco CS has had numerous issues with HP of late. I can't even return the computer (which I may want to do after reading the other complaints) because I don't have it any more. I have had a number of HP products over the years and never experienced such poor service and control. The next several days will tell whether I will return it when (or if) it comes back. I spent $2, 600 on this and my investment has not been good so far.

  • Kr
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    I will never bu another HP - my laptop has been corruptign and dumpign data since I bought it and tech support, case managers ahve all been a bureucratic nightmare. I am afraid I am off to MAC.

  • Te
      10th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I cannot say enough bad things about Hewlett Packard. Their desktop computer was sold to me for $700.00 and I bought a 5 year warranty with it. The computer had about 5 different things wrong with it and has given me nothing but trouble. I think they sold me a refurbished computer as new. Forget about getting any service from Hewlett Packard at all. They give you nothing but a big run around when you call customer service. You speak to someone in India, Argentina or the Phillipines. They can hardly speak English and you can't understand a word they are saying. They switch you to technical support (who can never help you) and then to a supervisor who eventually tells you -you need to talk to a case manager-who is never available-but will call you back. When the case manager calls you back she says she will have another case manager call you as she is the one who looked over your case. You are kept on the phone for HOURS being switched around and you never, never, get any service out of them. It takes them two seconds to put your card through and take your money and then good-bye. If you have a problem with the product you bought, you are stuck. It is money thrown away. Hewlett Packard will never honor the warranty or provide you with any customer service if you have a problem with their product. Moral of the story is- IF YOU SEE A HEWLETT PACKARD PRODUCT RUN THE OTHER WAY FAST. NEVER-EVER BUY A HEWLETT PACKARD PRODUCT. To the CEO MARC HURD, I say shame on you-you low life thief.

  • Ms
      5th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too have become a victim of very bad customer service in Mumbai.
    I purchased an HP Pavilion dv2000 laptop in Jan 2007in the US. In July 2008 the system failed and I visited the HP service center at Dadar West on 1st August at around 2pm. A service engineer by the name of Rahul took my laptop and without opening it up simply said that I will have to replace the entire system that would cost me 16, 000-18, 000. I was shocked and said that it would be better to buy a new one. I told him that I had purchased the laptop in the US and he said that there was no Indian support HP products purchased in the US and that even if I was willing to pay the charges the HP center would not accept it for repair. I looked on helplessly and asked for an alternative solution. He immediately (and gladly)told me that I could get it done privately for Rs 10, 000. This morning (5thAug)a Mr. Ajay (from Dombivli ) called me up saying that he was given my number by Mr. Rahul and he offered to put my laptop right for Rs 10, 000/. All this without ascertaining the actual problem. I can only conclude that this is a big scam.
    Are you listening HP --- your products will soon be branded as 'Untouchable" . Do something quick or this will be further carried to the CGSI for redressal!!

  • Al
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I just bought a brand new HP m8407c computer. The DVD drive quit working after a week. After spending ours on the internet helpline and their phone "customer support, " and trying everything known to man except to do a total reformat of the harddrive (which work fine, so far), they won't help me. Full disclosure: They WILL help me if I buy an external hard drive (not my method of back-up ... I use DVDs for my own reasons) so I can get all the data off the computer ... or take it to a FutureShop (and risk them reformatting the drive and me losing all my data). All I asked was for them to send me a new DVD drive (which would cost them, what, $20 for the actual drive and postage?) and I would replace the old one. I offered to pay for the drive, on the condition if the plan worked the way I think it would (the new drive works, old one still doesn't), they would refund me the money I paid for the new drive. No! Not interested in helping small business man who just bought a new computer stay up and running. Please, either go spend more money on something you won't use later, or take it somewhere so they can keep it and you can twiddle your thumbs while you wait to get back to work. NEVER WILL BUY AN HP PRODUCT AGAIN. Never. Thanks to Malcolm the "supervisor" who refused to help a customer out. Hope Hewlett Packard packs it in. If they keep up how they have been, shouldn't be long.

  • Da
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    i have purchased a compaq laptop c786tu at mumbai in july and within 15 days the set started giving problem. the display used to go blank and after hard start it would come on. the fault was intermittent. after referring the proble to the dealer and later on to the service centre and end number of telephone calls and email correspondence my laptop has been returned on 8th november, 2008 (was at the service centre since 22nd sept). in that period the laptop had to be sent to the service centre four times as the fault kept on recurring before it could be collected fm the dealer. hp office and service centre at mumbai are refusing to share the repair history (excepting for the first call on 22/9) and are trying to sweep the matter under the carpet. have tried in vain to get relief fm their gurgaon (delhi) and bangalore offices but have to yet receive a acknowledgment to my emails, forget getting a telephonic response. i have been using hp products since 10 years but now i will have to think twice before purchasing any product in view of their poor customer service and scant respect for the inconvenience caused to the customer.

  • Te
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hewlett Packard obviously doesn't give a stuff about good customer care otherwise they would do more about fixing the problems with their products WELL BEFORE it becomes a major issue.
    I bought a Pavilion pc (DV9292EU) from PC world back in Feb07. In May 08 it went wrong due to a defective graphics chip from NVIDIA which cooked the motherboard. HP (and NVIDIA) knew about the problem but didn't alert anyone however HP did extend it's 12 month warranty to 24 months so the unit was repaired free of charge. In order to 'overcome' this problem in the future an upgraded BIOS was made available which basically switched the fan on earlier and it ran harder for longer. Apart from the fact that this ate battery life at a phenomenal rate of knots, I could have lived with this had the replacement board been from a batch of products that did NOT have the same problem as the original graphics chip. However, 10 months later and I now have a useless pile of junk sitting on my shelf as it again needs a replacement motherboard.
    So I contact HP support as I figured that to replace a defective item with ANOTHER defective item is not really a repair and I wanted the repair originally promised but this time with a GOOD product. What did I get for my troubles? Passed from pillar to post, telephone calls that went dead and telephone numbers that went nowhere. When I did finally get in contact with the 'Customer complaints' people (Sabrina - she wouldn't give me her last name due to 'data protection', I was informed that the new board was only given a 3 month warranty and therefore the repair had to be paid for. I was also not allowed to speak to her manager as his job was to run the team, not make customer complaint decisions!!
    In sort, I was told that there was no one else to appeal to even though she could see my position that to repair a defective product with another defective product is not a repair at all. Basically, I was told that I would have to live with it!! Well, I don't know about anybody else but £950.00 for a product with only a lifespan of 26 months is a bit much and even if I did pay for a new motherboard (approx £200-£300 including fitting), would it go wrong again in 10 months time or less? Would that then be under warranty?
    I know one thing for certain, I will never purchase either Hewlett Packard or NVIDIA products again and I would suggest that anyone out there thinking to purchase products from these manufacturers also think long and hard before going ahead.

  • An
      11th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought a Pavillion in 2008, in least than 6 months the laptop went 3 times to HP Service and they changed cables, memory and other stuff. Some months later and still least than a year after I bought it, the touch pad did not work. They told me I have to pay $318.86 even with the laptop under warranty because they said I broke it. And just because they said that I have to pay. With a low quality laptop because any other laptop o computer I bought before had going to go to service EVER. When I complaint about it and asked for a Supervisor who can explain that to me in Spanish they said: in 24 hours someone speaking Spanish is going to call you. One week later I was still waiting... When they finally call me they just repeat the same: you broke it. Therefore because they said it I have to pay.

  • Zm
      15th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I purchased a HP Pavilion laptop with Vista installed. They included a certificate for a free Windows 7 software upgrade when released by Microsoft. Well to this date, I'm still waiting. After numerous emails, phone calls, more emails etc. I came to one conclusion...HP ABSOLUTELY SUCKS THE BIG ONE! I recently sent a certified letter to Mark Hurd, CEO. If I do not get a response after 15 days, I will be suing them in Missouri small claims court for the full amount paid, plus costs. Legally, they did fulfill their side of the sales transaction. order SUE a corporation like HP...its easy and inexpensive to need to do the following: Look up your "Secretary of State" in the state you live in. Obtain the name of HP's "registered representative". Then file small claim court papers in the county you live in against HP...however it will be directed to the local address of HP's "registered representative". This way you can SUE them locally where you live. Hit where it the pocketbook. Everyone should do this that has a legitimate complaint!

  • Hu
      31st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wish we had read this post before purchasing Hewlett Packard HP Pavillion 1275DV4 notebook from Best Buy. Within the first 4 months there was about 7 issues with the laptop. 1) overheating 2) fan on constantly 3)fan loud 4) shuts down without warning 5) screen goes blank and cannot be restored with enter button 6) screen goes blue says its doing a dump 7) does not respond to any of the steps offered by HP technicians.

    My husband has literally spent 7 hours on the telephone with HP reps who take him through step after step after step. After all this the computer returns to its problematic state. I've contacted the Case Managers and their position is that they are the end of the line - there's just no satisfaction.

    My husband just went out and purchased me a Sony Vaio. We have had Sony in the past and should have stuck with them. Hewlett Packard just keeps you on the phone long enough to get you frustrated so that they have an excuse to continue to provide subpar service. Never again.

  • Co
      12th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same as everyone else, I have had 4 HP laptop's fail with in the last 6 mos, 3 I was able to return to the store due to they failed with in 15 day's of my purchase date. This 4th one failed with in 30 day's and I had to begin dealing with HP, long story short I've had this G series since 12/12/10 it fails to operate with in 4-6 hrs of use, it goes to the factory and returns only to fail again 4-6 hrs after use, it is now down for a 3rd time.I spent 14hrs running system test and I have spent approx. 25 hrs on the phone with people who do not speak English very well, who attempt to give me instruction's in taking this thing apart to fix it myself, I've become a computer repairman without ever wanting to. I was coached into buying close to $100.00 worth of addition product that I was told would cure the issue's for good. I've lost priceless documents/pic's and video's and I've lost the use of a $600.00 laptop from the day I bought an HP product. So I sit here on my 12 year old Gateway that has never failed wondering what the heck just happened to me, feeling scammed here how about you?
    Maybe it's time to lawyer up!!!

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