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Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer / my ordeal with hps returning wrong pc

1 MI, United States

I appreciated reading several of the posts here while going though my "ordeal" with HP. If you want some detail on my case, I’ve provided it at the end.

It is clear that HP needs to improve the processing of situations where they have failed to perform to contract. The "Quality Case Manager" who is expected to resolve these issues apparently is not given the authority to do so. The customer is told by the Quality Case Manager that they "represent Corporate" and there is no course of appeal. My case manager seemed uncaring about the impact on my business and, based on what I've read on "complaint" forums, this is the norm. Also, my case manager did a poor job of returning my calls and keeping me informed. In my case, the Case Manager sent the first email to the Repair Center inquiring about the status of the case on October 22, but was unable to get any response from the Repair Center until Nov 8. Obviously, she did not have the authority to require a response by the Repair Center. Once the Repair Center spent a little time researching the missing PC, they quickly determined the status... but I was given no status for 17 days.

Based on my experience, and that of others who have posted to complaint forums, HP should:
1. Give Quality Case Managers authority to demand response to problem status inquiries.
2. Require Quality Case Managers to care about customer satisfaction by teaching them customer interaction skills, having customers rate their performance by survey, and removing case managers who perform poorly on the surveys.

Clearly these people have a tough job and are always dealing with customers who are already dissatisfied, but they could still display empathy with customers, return customer calls promptly, and explain up front the process that will be followed and that there will be some kind of compensation for late turnaround of the PC repair.

1. Set your expectations; a) the Case Manager is able to do little (although they won’t admit it), b) expect a long spell without your PC and develop a workaround
2. Call the Case Manager at least every other day. Write out the voicemail you will leave (they are very unlikely to answer) and then email it to the CEO email address. I received email responses from some of these so I believe that they do get viewed by someone other than the Case Manager (not the CEO, of course)
3. Open an online case and update it regularly. This keeps the techs involved and while they have little authority, they at least ARE concerned about customer satisfaction and how your troubles might impact their performance review, and they will get back to you and try to help. Post the original case number and the “quality case” number to the new case your open.

I was interested to see a post today that indicated someone had success with a small claims court case. I wondered about that, but the service contract indicates all proceedings must occur in California, so I dismissed the possibility. Hmmm.

Example of my voice mails (and emails to CEO):
“Good morning, Heather... this is (my name), case #xxxxxxxxxx and it’s Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 11:30AM. I received someone else’s PC two weeks ago October 22, from the repair center instead of mine.

I’m reporting in again to help you manage what is apparently a situation that your Company is unable to handle.

It’s now been 11 business days since you told me that I would receive a call from the service center with status and instructions. I still have not received their call... I still have received absolutely no information on where my PC is, when I will get it returned, or why HP seemingly does not care that I have someone else’s PC and provides no information on returning it. In your last voicemail, Thursday November 1, you said you were continuing to try to reach the repair center and would let me know status as soon as you talked with them. Since you have not called back in 2 business days, I assume you were unable to reach them. So, in 11 business days, you have been unable to get anyone at the repair center to talk to you? Does HP give you any authority at all?

Anyway, it has now been 16 business days since HP received my PC, 13 business days beyond the 3 business-day turnaround specified in HP’s Care Pack.
And, it has been 18 business days that my business has been impacted by not having the PC.

As always, if you have time, I would appreciate a call with status of my case. You can call me at either (phone number), or my cell at (phone number).”


Summary log:
October 11, 2007 - Laptop failed under extended warranty; went through normal 6-hour on-phone process to eliminate software suspicions (including wiping the harddrive and reinstalling the OS) and get HP to send the box in which to send the laptop to Repair Center in CA.
October 16 – Laptop received by HP Repair Center
October 22 – I receive the WRONG laptop... completely different model (no battery, no power supply) and I notify HP. After several hours on phone, dropped call transfers, etc., I am told a “Quality Case Manager” will phone me within 24 hours.
October 23 – I receive voicemail message from Quality Case Manager (Heather) who cannot provide status but that I will receive a phone call with status from the Repair Center in 24-48 hours. I phone back and leave voicemail for her requesting call.
October 24 – Receive call from Case Manager... tell her I still have not received a call from Repair Center, and doesn’t she want me to send back the PC I have that some other poor customer is looking for? Get a gruff response telling me to just wait for the Repair Center to call.
October 25 through October 31 – Call Heather every other day and leave voice mail saying have not received call from Repair Center. Email text of each call to the “CEO” email address.
November 1 – Receive voicemail from Heather... she is trying to phone Repair Center...
November 2-6 – Continue to leave voicemails and email text to CEO
November 7 - Receive call from Heather... she has finally been able to talk to Repair Center
and they are investigating. She asks for serial number etc of PC I received. Receive second call from Heather saying they have located PC and will be calling me. I inquire about what HP will do to compensate for the fact that the extended warranty 3-day turnaround contractual agreement has been violated. She said she will extend the warranty by 9 months or give me $x cash... I choose the extension.
November 8 – RECEIVE CALL FROM REPAIR CENTER – My PC is in the mail and also mailing label to return (wrong) PC I received.
November 10 – Receive my PC... 3 hours to configure and reload all apps

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