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Hewlett - Packard (Hp) Dv6000se / absolutely ridonkulus

1 FL, United States

Like many of the complaints in this forum, I, too purchased a brand-new dv6000se Media Center Edition from Best Buy (with their two-year service plan) about a month after it was released (according to the sales person). I am VERY particular about maintaining my computers, as I know how finicky they can be. I have CCleaner ( excellent FREE product) which I run approx 3 times a day (more with extended internet surfing), and disk cleanup, remove non-essential progs, defrag, etc. at least every other day. It worked well for the first 8 months or so with *normal* web browsing, word processing, paid P2P file-sharing, and picture storage. Then, the wireless card stopped working. All internal indications (according to the device manager) said it was installed correctly and working fine, however the external light on the actual card had turned from blue to red. After re-installing the driver, etc., etc., HP finally sent me a box to send it in, telling me I didn't even need to go into Best Buy.
After approx a month, I got it back from HP. It still didn't work, and at this time the speakers had stopped working, too. I thought this to be a completely separate issue and consulted the device manager- and again, all indications were that hardware and software were both correctly installed and working fine.
Oh- one more thing that I have not read in anybody else's complaints about this computer yet; the scrolling 'wheel' device on the right side of the mouse pad stopped working as well. That was the least of my worries, however.
I took the computer directly to Best Buy this time and the "Geek Squad Agents" didn't even try to tinker with it and told me it would be about 3-4 weeks until I got it back. 7 weeks later, I got it back with a new wireless card and new speakers, both working fine. In all the frustration, I completely forgot to tell them about the scrolling 'wheel' device, so it had not been fixed...but like I said, that was the least of my worries.
Then, sometime later, the wireless card went out again with all the same signs and symptoms. Lucky me- my service plan was still in effect. Another 7 weeks without my computer. I had gotten used to not using the scrolling wheel on my computer so again, I completely forgot to tell them about it.
Wouldn't you know, it happend a third time. I thought to myslef that this was a "Lemon Law" candidate if I ever saw one, but then learned there had to be three COMPLETED repairs and the FOURTH instance was the qualifier. Ridonkulus. Long(er) story short, my service plan expired two weeks before I took it back to Best Buy who would not bend the rules in light of all that I had been through with one of their "best computers" and their service plan. I guess it paid for itself with the two repairs I did get out of them, but I really wish it would have covered a replacement, as I now have a computer that is inordinately slow, has a really short battery life, the scroll 'wheel' doesn't work, wireless card doesn't work, and now the hard drive intermittently says that it is full, and the unit gets extremely hot. Basically, it's stuck in paperweight mode. Thanks HP and Best Buy.

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