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Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / new hp pavilion 24 all-in-one

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This 1 month old computer starts up fine and is totally quiet. Then out of the blue will "throttle" and run very loud. When that happens, it just hangs up. This happens sometimes early on or it might not happen for hours, but eventually it does. It doesn't matter if there are multiple applications open or if I'm just on a website.
4 support calls, hours spent on the phone, hours spent running tests, updating bios and even a windows reset, have not solved the problem.

Here is what I have gone through with this "New" computer.
Support call #1 4/20/18 - Problem: Fan/Processor throttling and loud noise, then pc fails to respond/locks up. Tech updated bios and then said would call the next day to see if fixed. He also asked me to run the HP Support Assistant extensive system tests which took several house. I did, and everything PASSED. This didn't solve the problem. I was assigned case #[protected]

Support call #2 4/22/18 - re: same issue case #[protected]. Tech asked me to run extensive system tests from the bios and to call back when finished. This took several hours and test results all came back as PASSED. Problem still happening.

Support call #3 4/23/18 - re: same issue case #[protected]. Tech suggested I had multi antivirus but I didn't. I had Avast antivirus and Malwarebytes anti-malware. They run on my several other computers flawlessly. He then started tweaking/changing settings within the system then all I got was the "Blue Screen of Death". Computer would no longer boot into windows. He said I should reinstall windows. This was taking a very long time and I had to leave for an appoint. When I returned, I had an email stating that my case had been closed. I feel this was to cover up errors from the tech. I was left with a new inoperable computer. I then had no choice but to reinstall windows in order to be able to boot the computer up. The problem happened again.

Support call #4 4/25 - re: same issue. I was assigned a new case #[protected] for the same ongoing problem. The tech was going to do the exact same bios update. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was shocked that I was asked to reinstall Windows. Since the bios was already up to date, a box will be shipped to me to send the computer back to HP for repair.

I'm hoping that given the hell I've gone through with this month old computer, that HP will do the right thing and replace it with a new one. I will not trust or feel confident getting it back "repaired". I've purchased lots of HP printers and computers over the years and I actually purchased two of these Pavilion 24 all-in-one computers about the same time. One for me and one for my husband along with currently using two HP printers.
If this computer is only repaired and I'm not sent a brand new computer, then this will most certainly be the last HP purchase I will ever make.

Apr 27, 2018

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