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Hewlett Packard / defective products and deceptive customer service

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Letter of complaint that I faxed to HP on 3/7/07 follows. Supposedly, HP referred my complaint for response after I followed up by phone on 3/14. When I phoned again on 3/15, the rep told me that he did not know when/if HP would respond, and he also told me that he could not give me contact information to check further.

RE: Hewlett Packard

This is a complaint about Hewlett-Packard Company’s (HP) products and customer service/technical support (customer service). Details follow.

Products. Since around mid-1998, I have/my brother has purchased for ourselves and for our mother three HP Pavilion desktop computers, two Compaq Presario desktop computers, one HP Media Center laptop computer, one HP Scanjet, three HP all-in-ones, and three printers. The three HP/Compaq computers that we have purchased since December, 2004, are of a much lesser quality than the previous HP/Compaq computers that we purchased:

• One of the DVD/CD drives in the HP Pavilion that my brother purchased about a year and a half ago had a melt down within weeks of the purchase. HP replaced the drive, but the computer has a cosmetic flaw because of the melt down.

• In December, 2004, which is approximately two and one quarter years ago, we purchased a replacement Compaq Presario for our mother, who is a senior citizen on a very limited income. She depends on her computer to keep in touch with family and friends who reside all over the United States, as well as in Europe. Since about two weeks ago, there appears to be a major problem with the operating system. No image appears on the monitor, and I know that the connections, cable, and monitor are not cause of the problem. Replacing the graphics card did not resolve the problem.

• In July, 2006, not quite eight months ago, I purchased the HP Media Center laptop for myself. I have used it very little. In preparation to take it to my mother last week, for her to use until we can arrange/afford to have her Compaq Presario repaired, I discovered that the laptop does not operate, either with A/C or with battery power, and I cannot operate the latch to open the battery compartment.

Based on the three above-cited problems, especially because the last two happened within such close proximity to one another, I was considering not purchasing another HP/Compaq product. After my communications with HP’s telephone technical support on March 2, 2007, and this afternoon, I definitely will not purchase another HP/Compaq product.

Customer service. On March 2, 2007, upon discovering the problem with my recently purchased HP Media Center laptop computer, I telephoned HP’s technical support, at 800.474.6836:

• I was on the telephone for almost one hour, beginning at 8:49 p.m. I estimate that at least half of this time my call was placed on hold.

• After I provided the requested information to the automated system, a message told me that the laptop is “out of warranty.” Is this a tactic by HP to avoid honoring warranties?

• I spoke with four people, who identified themselves as Eric, Joseph, Nancy, and Sharon. Communicating with the two females was extremely difficult because they speak poor English.

• The two females refused to accurately make a record of the problem that I was reporting. Both of them insisted that HP replacing the A/C adapter would resolve the problem. Several times, I had to state that replacing the A/C adapter would not resolve the problem, since the laptop will not operate with battery power, either. I informed them that I could not open the battery compartment.

• On March 5, 2007, a FEDEX representative informed me that HP provided an incorrect street address. I had to give FEDEX the correct street address, which delayed my receipt of the mailer that HP sent to me to use, supposedly to return the laptop computer.

• The two females lied to me, by telling me that HP was going to replace my laptop computer. I became aware of the lie this afternoon, when I opened the mailer and found a repair information sheet and no information about a replacement laptop computer. The lie was confirmed when I telephoned HP’s technical support today.

At around 4 p.m. today, I telephoned HP’s technical support a second time, to request that HP replace the laptop, as had been discussed with the two aforementioned females:

• This call, too, took approximately an hour, with about half of the time on hold. The only positive aspect was that Sean is an American who speaks English that is understandable. Since I purchased the product from an American company, I expect to communicate with people who speak English that is understandable.

• The first person with whom I spoke, Sandra, was very difficult to understand, the same as Nancy and Sharon. Per my request, she said that she corrected my street address. As she requested, I identified myself, and I provided the case number, order number, product number, and serial number. I had to repeat some of this information to the next person, Sean.

• Sean was pleasant, and he appeared to be customer-service oriented. However, speaking with him was a waste of time because he has no authority to address the situation, and, he said, he could not reach an available person to whom to transfer my call “to escalation,” despite several attempts.

• After wasting another hour this afternoon, the problem still remains/I continue not to be able to use my laptop computer. I cannot waste any more of my time on the telephone with HP. I will not FEDEX my laptop computer to HP to have it repaired.

Resolution sought. To resolve my complaint, I want HP to take the following action. The resolution that I am seeking takes into account the approximately two hours of my time that HP has wasted since March 2, 2007, as well as the facts that I have not been able to use my laptop computer and that my mother has not been able to use her desktop computer.

1. Immediately to send to me written verification that HP will replace my laptop computer with a new (i.e., not refurbished) laptop computer with the same or better specifications.

2. Immediately to send to me the paperwork, including FEDEX labels, to return my laptop computer.

3. Immediately upon its receipt of my laptop computer, FEDEX to me the new laptop computer.

4. Include on the new laptop computer Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Microsoft Office Publisher 2007.

5. Immediately repair, including backing up files before the repair, my mother’s desktop computer at no cost, including no shipping cost in either direction.

I will appreciate a response by March 16, 2007, either by regular mail or by e-mail.

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  • Jo
      16th of May, 2007
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    I have a very similar complaint. I purchased a notebook for my son who lives with his mother. After about 10 month the computer would not turn on. My son could not find the receipt of purchase. I contacted technical support and also talked with a man who spoke very poor English. I was also told that the warranty had expired. He told me for $99.00 I could extend the warranty for another year. I agreed and he transferred me to someone else in tech support. I was told that the $99.00 was not an extension of the warranty, but was for technical phone support only. I tried to cancel the $99.00 but was told only a case manager could do that. I was misled from the beginning and lied to.

    The above phone call was made on 10 Apr07. The poorly speaking agent told me that the warranty had expired Jan07. About two weeks after the phone call, my son called me and said he found the receipt for the notebook, that I had purchased it in April 06. This means that the warranty could not have expired in Jan07.

    I have left numerous messages with case management giving them the new information. They have yet to call me back. They have also not credit back my account for the $99.00.

    I have faxed a three page complaint to the corporate office in Palo Alto, Ca. Giving them all the information on my case. I have heard nothing back from them either. My next step might be to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. I cannot believe that a large co. as this such poor customer support and that some of its employees provide false information.

    Maybe a class action would be in order.

    John Senger

  • Ki
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    Time to sue people. PLEASE. I bought a computer over a year ago and the day I bought it the system shut down. Since that time I have sent the computer away for service every 2 months. Twice they returned the computer back to me without even being fixed. 2 days before the warrenty was to expire the computer was again sent back to me in the same condition. I took out an extended service plan and on 1/8/2008 I was promised a rebuilt computer. It has now been two weeks and after calling almost every single day HP has still refused to approve the new computer and my old one is still here broken. As of now I'm on a 5 year old borrowed Dell that runs better than my HP ran even new. I have page after page of documentation including the service repair orders that were returned when the computer came back to me. The case manager has been reported to the Better Business Bureau but I still have no resolution to this issue after over a year of poor service.

  • Kr
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I hear ya'! I am in a world of hurt due to HP, I am at $800 to recover lost data - aroudn 40 hours on help lines --- HELL! A new laptpo that crashed day 25. Does anyone have a RETURN ADRRESS? I am suing, workign with my credit card company...I wil never ever buy HP again and will tell anyoen I know of this hell.
    Good luck to you and can you give me any advise on anythign that has gotten them to notice you. Esp. a return address.

  • Ch
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I Purchased a HP touch screen in 2007. In June 2008, the screen went blank. I contacted HP and they stated my warranty was expired and I could purchase a extended warranty for 99 dollars and this would cover and fix the problem. Once I purchase the warranty, I am then transferred to tech support and they state that the hardware is not covered, only the trouble shooting problems and software issues are covered. After arguing with them, they state they will refund my credit card for the 99 fee. At that point, I asked for the confirmation, and they give me my phone number. When I asked why that was my conformation number, then they state it is the case number. Then I asked for a supervisor, and they gave another man who states he has not given me a refund yet, but it will be refunded soon. When I asked why was I lied to, Then he says he cannot do anything. Then I ask for his boss, and I am told his boss does not talk to anyone. Then I continue to argue and ask for a supervisor above him and he refuses to give me a higher up person. Finally he agrees to open up a dispute case and says someone will contact me. I believe HP is full of issues and false sales. They also need to improve thier crap products and learn to hire and train employees.

    they stink and I will never buy HP again

  • Ma
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree with the woman. The customer service sure didn't back up what they said to my friend.

    He called up a Customer Service Representative to ask if his computer would be covered. The Representative told him, "Don't worry, it will be covered. He paid for a 3 year warranty. Not only was the computer Non-functioning, but the fax, the printer, and the telephone have been "Out of Order", not working whatsoever. He couldn't even start up the computer tonight. It seemed like the more he was useing the "Vista Operating System", the more problems have occurred. He can't practically call out from his home. When he did call the saleman, the salesperson also wanted to sell him something else. That's not right. Imagine being told your computer would be covered by a warranty. Meanwhile. The printer doesn't work, the fax doesn't work, the computer breaks down further, the keys on the keyboard break off, then your phone doesn't work. Then the computer totally shuts down, and can't be started up.

    If someone from the complaints board could help him, I'd be forever grateful. He's finally got one phone in his home to work. His name is Rusty, and his phone number is 415-255-8182, and my cell phone is 415-505-8453.

    Thanks Again,

  • Da
      30th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    We took on a similar case on behalf of a client, and ended up getting him a brand-new, fully-functional computer - for free. If you're not satisfied with the products and/or customer service you've received from Hewlett Packard, take a look at - we might be able to help!


  • Ti
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    why don, t these compsnys to get a pearson to answer there phones? and it would be nice to speak to someone in english. my pc had a virus in it, it was frose up, i was in the middle of doing a business transaction when this happend. after three hours on the phone waiting to talk to someone i finaly got tech support, and thats when the real problem started. the lady said it would cost me53.49 to have them restore my pc, no problem, then a nother gentelman got on the phone and told me it would cost additional 59.00 to fix the problem, they told me my original amount would be placed in my account within 24 hrs, four days later the money is still not in my acount. so i called back on the fourth day and was told by a gentelman by the name of ron that he would gladly put the money back in my acount, he said i am gonna put you on hold for one minute and that he would get right back to me, WRONG i was on hold for another hour, no one ever picked up the phone, i spent altogather about 10 hrs holding my phone to my ear. is that any way to run a busines.i just can, t belive that a company of profits of2.7 billion dollars would conduct a compant that way. needless to say my next pc will not be from hp, i will also tell all my friends from california to florida about my bad experincs with hp. i will never buy anything from that company& i hope all that read this will do the same. a vert dissattisfied customer

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