Helzberg Diamonds Jewelry Store / horrible workplace

Helzberg Diamonds Jewelry Store, The District Manager is incompetent (fired from J.B. Whites), who allows the store manager- to mistreat some customers and new employees. His staff are a group of unprofessional people who really know nothing about the Jewelry Business, except for lying to customers, messing up their purchase orders, being rude to customers who complain about the Helzberg unprofessional service. I wouldn't buy any jewelry from those clowns. They also harass & mistreat fellow co-workers, who are better jewelry salesmen than they are; the manager & his flunkies often violate the Helzberg Diamonds business policies when the District Manger isn't around to check up on them. One day, a co-worker yelled at me in front of a customer, just for greeting the customer first!!!

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